Monday, January 14, 2019

A bit of slow burning dramatic. The intensity the central figure. The terror should you cross him. The focus his animal in service his master. This noir. The pounding regret his head. Physical. Mental. Chemical account the headache. His sacred narcotic. They wish me lonesome for am danger. You aint know? Chagrin local bird. Don’t suffer me killer .
You say me creeper. You befriend me preservation. She don’t pretty but sympathy me right side history.
Pensive. Plodding. Classic dark. Such vistas killing fields. There’re beasts in the streets. I’m responsible. I’d been young once let me tell it. I’m out the black. Spit your hatred and you’re combustible. Vomit is massive. Strength in number. With weapon the lot of them. Don’t cool till all done in. Then at loved ones. Smell of strange. I didn’t start it. The B.C.’s. The A.D.’s The precious pristine. The wonders by faith. Millennia take shape. By drift and divide. Desire rival girl child. I’m midst of it. I’d done it none shame. By sword by thunder. Reveal not crest or colors. I have none. Mine tempest lonely  long ago. Longer still. They clamor for mine hide. Strike at me but not likely. Sicken cry from within you echo.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

By now Milo has gotten more cruel. Times are past 1937 and Bedlam seems constant though he hasn’t met his namesake the Original Bedlamite. He’s  gotten out of the hotel going around as a much more mature gentile man. Reclaimed his former self than just creep members of the underworld want to kill. His family has been destroyed from within. He is now calling himself metropolitan. Spending time in the bigger cities. Meanwhile he has inspired bedlam all over the islands big city and rural.
Nightmare Gardens is terrifying. Everyone with evil whim. Seems to have permission to practice pushing towards the 40’s and a second world war. He lives with a dog in Dunbar. It seems the bad elements have taken over . The God’s don’t seem to be intervening. 
 He steal what suit him that come into the building. Food and drugs. Electronics eventually they want it back. Women’s clothing. Pair of panties. Best used pile bottom drawer. The lonely oaf know she come and go. I am wary I am weak. Turn her dog on me. Her man by 40 pounds easy. Close quarters I shoot. Regard them carrion.
Bemused lack wit a black period now twenty years of real life grown up. Before a boy head strong and curious. Been days of rain and loathe drink and smoke. For real and hoped unbalanced ideation. I’m stable mate. All intent to it be fruitless and queer by the day. I wake further tired. First, sleep don’t come then black and sweaty. At hand quaking anxiety. Given to imagery vivid trickery. Hope for me yet?
Every wooded path. Foggy and dark off the cliffs. Northwestern towns. Ivy covered structures great and small. Even the tavern as old as first Kings. Wind swept cobblestone streets unpopular constabulary since slavery as when Bedlam. When railroad and motor vehicles over horse and carriage. The dark have eyes should wanderer forest sub-culture. Band of nymph and purveyor local circuit. Tender mercy.

I spy
I haunt hers wake she treat me fun and games like prize is hers life. Is spring I spy it garden yellow rose. Hope spring eternal suffer. Matron hers distaste on the plaza. The hard sun baked earth. Price of pussy and its works would I presume upon yours wiles. I could eat you alive.
I spy it for I must. I spy it for it must be pain. Once consumed I’m alone again. How you tread on me. Elder bird wicked peak. Tight as run deep.
Play up the bitter ends. Been there with me. Built for showcase. The westerwind make it airy. What luxury we’d have babies. Trio of bird favor me. Don’t go there lest frenzy. I’m holed up close up claim hers man of the hour.       
Nightmare Gardens. They’re in and out of brush. They carry guns and the lights go out. Labyrinthine that reach the end is violent. The in between hide and go seek. There heartless bastards. And birds to settle the carcass. Variety weaponry extend the macabre. Ever rugged burning bush and knives and sword. She’s once around the orchestra before misery’n. You cross hers and join the martyrs. A woman’s lot settle the carcass.

Ring Ceremony
Is states convention. Radical sides at shooting war. Montrose. Cessation hostile year of our lords. Post colonial times. They with their masses. Conquerors. They’d have shame previous administration. Able day walker integrate great state. They’re presented at the anthem. New seasons prejudice. She’s class pussy. Leave it to mad man settle rebellion. If not hers then is fatter girl child. Hate me this Bedlam. Been in the cipher likely underground. Consider troop movement peace talk. Year of our lords. Cessation Civil War. They’d not pass Camelot from the north. But interloper that she’s vamp then leave her to beast.
Spoils the thing. Murder of crows delegate. Meanwhile rebellion its tentacles neither would they forge Jonsburg from the south as intend colonize Providence. Poverty and human traffic over local states. Commandeer southbound vessel. Upset nest Port Royal. Ring ceremony. They’re standard bearer. Is states convention. New seasons prejudice. She is class pussy. Appear notable men. There is lonely in these hours  contemplation. Occupy great hours. She is buxom and coalesce greatest of them close quarters. Consider made men. Nineteenth century conflagrate. 

Pride and Joy
And thrice is braggart. Hyde park runneth over. I’m on the inside whether torn at hers and improper. She’s game. Hers north star legerdemain. I am behest Duchess. Cast hers head first bed chamber. Full on fatty meat and wine. She is pride and joy. She is all the broke in what room this is. Mine bombast winter palace subculture. Thrice is braggart. Good humor for a time. Fun and games directly.
She turn him by now. She is hands on with the lusting. You cause me that. Say so plunder Classic Darkness. She is hardly pretty but lonesome alike. Early on set lot of them. And play is yours pride and joy. Lucky fellow is commerce. Full on fatty meats and wine. Cast her head first linens . Her leavings loosed she go mad. I enlightened man. Turn of the century treasure girl child. By train or aeroplane . Steam ship, consider King’s Representative. Colonial fire favor the crown. I man of means for the time is ’15. I am dressed as dressed. Drink is for her congress relish better nature. Mine youthful asset mixture blood. Measurable content. The colors  about the halls. The pattern maddening boarding house. She nymph for a time. I am Bedlam.
There will be bedlam. Beginning and end. Only lonely. As bigger yet city center annex. Get lost what move about. Fear is fear, alone. Bard to it and so come out when thirst will drive is bedlam. Populace bottom heavy. No devil to account but particular to fat regardless station. A hanging yet like epidemic is bloody October.
I am good for something. She come color blush. Welcome, run about as I was. Visage outstanding young man. I am good there, willing partner of all things. Promise nothing, love. Could be spell when hatred turn. I know like it was. I know when 63rd was kush. Up and down the yard. What wicked come? Love recede and laughter. Like last rites. dose of fetish close up. Think we fringes binge adrenaline. You already know. Get where I breathe on it. Leave to me sweet on it. Elder girl put me on it.
Think much of me her people so it flow well spring. To the beast she bright as all that. Don’t stop me modesty. For elder girl walk in on it. And envy prowess over sweet spot. City circuit word on pavement. Don’t stop me modesty. I am animal at loyal foil with the good fight divine. Once broken in kink her spine. When she were mine and marry young. This classic dark like dime novels. Her hair splayed out as breathe easy sweet. Would I go blind I don’t see you? Doubt my love and I’ve suffered.
Bed chamber torture same. Over garden stretch old bones. Been time enough love. And she muddy water pose on. Throw in as charmed like before your tender mercies. Always the birds. Is unseasonable, sweat on her. The rest saliva. Kenwood alike high end kiss and tell.
This Babylon bring tidy bird. Bold and bright. All the best ritual. Mine is sea side drunken death spiral. Let her tell it she is pride of… I don’t make it up. Like she know Camelot. She is for me
Days of rain and flooded bloody. Give me money. Sidewalk stalker grab her girl child. Like ’14 when bandits hold court. And Angel of Dakin none virtue. But jumper from tete –a-tete  for careless by mine threads her bed chamber. Proof my tool regard her harder than…
Is sunny days grave and trade of nights to shake mine suggestive for pound and pence. Say mercy me Harvard Terrace. Pick at her further. She’s off campus. She hold at mine blue light tempest. Is like ’17, mine gristle. Eyes wide slice silken be sanctuary. Cellar dwellers for a time this enterprise is size me up. She’s white lightning like ’19. She trail the blue line. Letters say she await mine sublime. Her scarlet undergarment is good turn. Emerge the yard to swooners mid afternoon coitus. Double dosage and the suite. Overlook the yard and cobbled streets. Were we fervent. Plush. City men envious. As I am say man enough. Call at me just such sanctuary. Mine aggress treat her noble. Mine sapient can’t tell me nothing. The flicker a fort night. The glory be spot of skin. Run tell that when next you’re company. But dot the kingdom. Said character one end Sheridan road. She don’t but usually wary a bligh. Run tell that cross campus. She front me even all aura.  For your part festive Youngstown. Within the throng enveloped, taunting time  of night. Your fight is showing. When is done is crash and burn. She tell it was consent second time up. She don’t see it but last minute grasp at me. Her pregnant make three. So St. Lou’ bad seed what have you. Thus have I maintained the personage. The great danger. The mood as it stood mine own time. Efforts be, none infamy. But infamy see me and hold to was mine town. It is fear mine relevance. I revel indelicate breeding stock. Chambers such of demimonde. Begat before and after. Retrospect collect deep water.
She don’t blink mine back stab her velvet. Same is kiss of death. Parse her Hyde Park range war. Mine is tell is but civil drone on brave bird. Solid gold is prime hour swoll. She don’t blink ennoble end second skin. She cry for die for. March Babylon Play bill propaganda grand stand humanities.
So first come headways fauna. I’m yours monster. First order your inestimable ardor. Festival is open door Mc Donough County, Illinois. Some great shakes courageous. Doth the raven astride yours. I am in yours house headways Recreation Drive contenders been ever inestimable ardor. Carriage into space.
And Maven so. Yours is great divide. I’d done it by levels. Morning is the end. Gaggle of them the raw. Say run of house and so plush is night’s end rival sibling. I am over said surface and doings. Come down thine grapevine is charms alarm. Said convergence and so bedlam know for effigy on the morrow.

Brother Dog/Old Dog
Damned if she didn’t and did like home. So she would and told me so. She bed tempest long holding. Two meant function do over patron. There are those archipelago ‘round. Some supposed thy will be done. Damned if she didn’t, like warning, himself day one. I am ever second son. The casual eye to the butcher the black door is mine. Upper storey and courting gown. Domestic cast off lesser garb. For hers shooting war. As such torrid it be life but sudden by damned she’s coming. There are those archipelago ‘round. Thy will be done. Them don’t hear back a yard. Gone a foreign without so much as a dollar back. I’m in the city and can’t get out. Them find my room is flies. The black door is mine. Is dusty ghosted love. Sweaty heavy high hopes.
Is the drink I die slow. Descent is chronicle. I Milo. Route about seaside thoroughfares. Either end the streets run together. Bleed high rise. Above Montrose they flow Sunnyside. Inbred set uptown. Quiet as kept somnambulist. Catch her Hazel Street and I’m Jekyll.  She border towner Buena park. Think she franchise. City center Broadway street. Crest is Clark street. Cemetery stretch Fremont. Mine collect like her said arts.
They are bulls and said involved. Is skin but dressing summer underwear. Unabashed say I play rook. Sure as old school turn of game.  Controlled environ sing out. Nirvana within without, you do me this. The north side bride Frankenstein’s monster. Dress as dress as underground, harbor killer. Climes for hatred I play knight then as quick as trick is hangman. Mine instrument to light is sharp said arts. Strike her full throat sing out. I am as rated within without. Given over thick headed obsess is single figure mattress.
Well spotted hour of power. Boys curious worrisome deluge. Times short by morning prayers. Rain come and they’re players. Good use loose motive and made men. Curious. I’m old dog. Short timer make off. Meantime I Galahad. Muddy pitch is victory march. She hold charms alarm. Her back on it like fill the room up. Mine bonanza she build up thrill killer.
See reverie Broadway Street and points west. They’re killing Christians Halsted. Setting self destruct there be blood. About the levels to bedevil the inn. And hung by the neck until dead. See night man for lodging. Master’s Key’s she’s ready. How they find her just so. Come alone Calif. And don’t screaming demon cross courtyard echo. For sure bit of self or more. Demonstrate your appreciate naught is free. She fat and lope legged. She know skin’s the thing. She swollen true to form you already know. 
Yours humble servant. Survivor bad blood. When you love her hold on. Show me like face full then go sideways. These best times.
Humble servant you suffer me. Exalted lover the hot hand. Fit to be tied at morning. Is she whole time. I’m weakling. They hold high barbarian. The floor buffed blood red. Charge to the bottom. There is wardrobe. Viable lure. Role players they give us space. Is for weakling hoped fight. Some vigor that break the folds. Fear of the dark. She move quickly. She make ----. I’m lost in it. Bad blood.
Times are violent. Divisive. I’ve circled the house twice. They wait to strike me. Find others ferry me to 63rd. It is night and I’ve yet to feed. The old man hold sway. Face the Dreadnought. I will survive. Mine over eager is telling. Favored above men. If I took her is God’s willing. Times are fast car and aint heard from a fortnight. I’d circled the house twice.
She’s primal and fat. Red is the flag she fly. Try for warrior bride. Capture mine flag and faction the campus abandoned buildings tricked out to the chapters. Hers above the green and mine northwest. The forest harrow nymph. She advance, the path is ill willed to do. I deny her run me through. Scatter the ---- parts wooded. Should mines change. Grand parade. Is hers way the flag stay blood red. All houses side with hers warrior bride.
We popular kids as much as much she love me chose him. Confront me front the mart. Fight me right out. When dust settle she make for best bloke. They shoot second best. Mine was monologue romantic. His was position. Pass on the stairwell from the arches. Rival chapters . She is present on the yard. Confront me broadsword. I address her with verse. He spoils of plunder he behead his man. ---- Hall birds are kill for. Body politic make it to the death. She’s fat proportionate. Dressed as dressed. She make good wife. Rival lover draw knives in the forest. From all corners. Full body come over the green. They are kill for. Move the arena. Bring wisdom far and wide versus mine athletic prowess. Approach the Duchess. Festival what authority self rule. Find their way in the forest. Rival come to a head. Perilous coarse of animal. Unimaginable. Popular kids get titles. Train for battle on the factions. Land locked campus. Northwest.  
What it’s like Albemarle city. The constabulary called to Ravenswood neighborhood. Devil’s night. A time of challenge. She dress for me once in hers life. It take me get a gun. There is caste lover so first come. She will fight. Dress for me once in hers life. The mines fund clubs and Crystal Beach Property. Is disenfranchised burn it. They are squatters. West ward inferno. I’m fast car Dunbar. It was scuffle at the lift. Mine is contraband. It take me get a gun.  Company woman I know with hers shoulders.  
Small town Illinois. The family is sought by the authorities. Down state, McDonough County. University there.  Gave them title to demand from crews neighboring states. Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Louisiana. Play enforcer they don’t pay up. They circle the Indiana restaurant  sure top man is inside before letting off into the  establishment. Catch a child instead. Milo is driver and fast drive away. Flight separate ways the Caribbean. Constant nightmare.
It aint spoke but understood. You want used to me. I’m new blood. Hers sweater color of pumpkin. Treat me chaperone. The bowels the vestibule. Brand her unit number and strand. You want used to me.
All the role play and fanfare. You’re shy of flamboyant. All the tricks and trap with it. Had me at yours ragged panties. Is to you experience or daydream it would be so. Eyes wide shut but yours tell tale prerogative. Best light all natural. Cast it forth. All the ways entice me once inside. Or role that doesn’t require more than…. It is the moment show me.
            Providence Theater scene, acts of romance is full frontal completely original. They satire South Village. Infamous black widow. They know where the bodies buried. All the world is a stage. Should they work the satellites just that infamous word of mouth. Fast boat bring her big house. Long since I stood out. Was campus when mine pick leading lady. Mine treatise on topic. Then savage her.
            I’m dying friend. Fast or slow. Sure as we’re sit here. Full on liquid and smoke. Fatty meat. Time piece and clothing. I am a man of letters. Mine epic as told by an idiot. Mine persona diabolic. I am on campus. Do cruel call the Gendarme or left to karma. Slow acting and none antidote. Death bed declaration. Fried calamari. Italian sausage. Potatoes. A flash bang consume the little room. Paper and electronics. The children are fine and the wife sends her love. I succumb.
            The quadrangle she suggest the devil is a woman. I know so she call 8 p.m.  I should make available. She like taunt me. But for the hour she hold me. Is 8:01 when next on the quadrangle.  Dreams are vivid and bright. Loud. I could never have and to hold. Dreams is cruel laughter. What sleep? Man intent to drink to death. I’m prone disparate wretch.
What blood or treasure, love. Big Timber fold. Sanctuary from the city. The roads are close. Narrow. Ideation we are friends. First tender mercies. She make for me a home. All bird on the yard general alarm there will be blood.
High praise this evening. Yours visage is woman. The years such wait. Or succumb hard heart. Blasphemer bad actor. What is love? I deign speak of great promise. You have me constant craving. Alas naught from naught.  
  The pall of the metropolitan It’s been long years and the pall is deep and wide. It wholly bind. Corrosive. Half a man lover. When sun light dust and flies. How now consecutive hours. Candlewick is calm. Not a blessed blackbird I spy lover.  The pall night and day. Great fog madness. Strong drink to ruminate lover.  
So she’d spread hers legs.  Strong arm it. Escalate state of panic. Wine make standing tete–a-tete. Broke hers heart broke hers habit. Sexual mania. Muddy waters such I don’t sleep. Give me raw for keep. So it go or she don’t know me.
Love-I was lion to brave bird. Black queen psychology. She got the boy. Caged fright loosed thrice and thrice. Subsequent nightmare. You’re not here. Times are creature comforts. Fend off threat to yours king. Opposing army is massing. Should’ve been I marry you.
We’re in the brush. Violent swath of campus. They capture the flag. Pitch battle. They go from evening it go next day. Hers leavings the battle field. Hers adversary change by day. I bird dog her when the game’s up. Set of arches eastern bloc dueling ground. Sight the quadrangle. Intrepid explorer. I am bull on the arena. Violent swath of campus.
----. She set up in Lux. She from Imperial. There is culture play hard. Dense as lose oneself. There rogue agent narrow road. Nashua Point when was Bedlam. Set raiders on him. Fortune of the forest. Cellar bound at once matron fill her head up Wednesday woman. Imagine string of speak easies backed by further underground. Still with the dueling capitol greens. Scarcely turn of the century. She grip me so I pick up a pistol.
Pleasantries this night. Winthrop sex pot. Apt flesh. Is dusk our eyes adjust. Curvative severe. I say so. Between hedges they lock doors. Mine fancy, frequent back and forth. Is real just now.
Great shakes we’re by first name. Ready made heart in it. You want me to. Our wherefore is plentiful. Welcome such squire I am Metropolitan. Eye her enter the den. Mutual tension. Apt flesh. Measure of tender mercies. Mine is stab.
They dot the coastline by now they’re regular. The college send their girl child. Some privilege this side Hollywood. I’m on campus. Is great wave denote this. Storm warning. The left behind triage at the Sovereign.
They’re some underground. House of them. They’re wine and Biryani the new well to do. She well rounded.  You carry it with you. She fond of mine the longing of the squire. The rebellion on the news of the Metropolitan. Hers best girl. It wasn’t her just now. He run the commonwealth. They’re since first kings. However stretch of Devon with their restaurant. Dogma make way she suffer mine. Peak the fat one some night. A suite of rooms . The new well to do.
This is romance. I read poetry into the telephone. Yours letters tell social bird, ‘wish you were here.”Constant craving. Some new year epic full on wine. Wanderlust.
Games of risk and high card cost yours life. They amble into the dark. Is slave quarters battle flag. Nightmare garden. She like violence heartfelt to yours health.
From I’m on campus. I charge them. Bird of a type. Dream eyed. Summer ’15 is old hat.
Albany, Grand Islands – She tell the constable. He tell the alienist. Charm. Fragrance strange, his address. Display bizarre love spell. Tell the alienist.
            Business of state. Albany, Army base. Single bed and mist. Fragrance. Set her to trance. Modern romance.
            A great solicitor in a big city. Save many a man the gallows. Prison. Death house. Battle with the state. Case murder, high crime. Broad shoulders man. King County solicitor to the Crown. Defense of men according to constitution.
            She drive fast dark it got. She embrace me, elder girl had not. The road winds something fierce. Mcdonough County. Wish you were here. I’m kept here  and sucked dry. I turned what spirit dark. Bitter I suspect They’re in the raw.
            The great romantic to kill for it Noble Bill. A call from across the way, “stranger on yours doorstep.” Dressed as ancients she don’t go home. He kill hers suitors like promised him. They’re old houses from first kings. Winter Palace at cliff. Transients all season. The God’s what make him pick of nymph. Fix on her from when was Provinces. Breach the structure. Clap of thunder.
The girl pick sides and is right for me. Is hers ideation, she dress for the hour after time. She treat it solemn. She get it than fight me. I come for the girl. The hours eligible and staged historical account. Is kept this while and hers panties aside accommodate fortnight. She solemn for the hour to ourselves. Here is holy grounded. Bit of frighten how I do love you. I aint seen her since. She is fat than you. It was good love. Here and there. I make you kept woman.
The day is melancholy. She know it come. Could be they give me one. Is one make me immortal. I beg yours mercy. Cast of them know me cold blooded. Carved from broke down romantic I do love you.
Level of gentle. Bit of sunset. Bit of fate. Like it was no time. Admire yours space. Yours rare bird known me erstwhile vigor doth penetrate. Fairly measured. Great pain.
Bit affection Bit of fate. Bit of welcome late. Level gentle, bend equinox. For the hour she is top like it was no time.
King’s County, Providence. Capitol Campus. Providence City. The Supreme court and government structures. Franco administration. King preside body politic. Their province the Grand Islands returned rightful owner. Argument at bar, American bluster, trade partner. World war.
Yours people have gone quick like hurricane. Once whirlwind twice knowing. I’m game affair. Change rules hers due. Is mine charge they left you. Come out yours subdivide. Take on second life so there is time. Treat hers subject open affair. Take root ’21. Either bird birth me one. However outer township I’m metropolitan. Parade her condition in luxury of course. Take root ’21. ’27 is choice. Could be kissing cousin how she know.
Hers people retreat. The eye is over can hardly breathe. I’m like I was and she grave towards me. The visions is prescient. The pain is due I’m not through with you. Filthy redress. The future is stained. Seen waterfront God less metropolitan. Is sweet yours undoing. From great height yours survivor. Is not yours question it. Blood on the walls I suspect succubus.

Social Animal Revised

Godfrey Logan

Sudden as storm
against her.
Hardly light press

Suckle center
visitor boudoir
Given to outdo
or why bother?

Subtle warning
consent by the whites.
Sight them
quite diversion.*

Gypsy artisan

It stop raining.
Once city dweller
Keep to festival
travelling show.
Rats in the courtyard.

Put on best dress
when need be feminine.
Suite for privacy.
Homage erotica.

The creature
Gypsy lust.
Actors in coitus.
Elders hope for Dallas

I Remember Elle

Steady through peace time.
Reality as it was.
Particular one boy.

The boys with their antics.
Leave me to indulge.
Lest affair won’t do.

Think such of him
transient season.
Through the harvest hardly
men without need.

South Village, Providence

Collective consensus:
bad actors.
The King’s men.
Assassin in the building.

Family business this murder.
The duo for their part
as if in their boudoir.
men meet their demise.
Get out of the country alive?

As if her secreta is gold.
Tempestuous waters
at theater doors.
Put it to the spotlight.
I do the same.
Consensus: bad actors.
Assassin the building.


Fools gold.
An epitaph on
grave marker.
Says I’m man of means
or a lesson for learnin’.
 the martyr in me.

Know nothing more
than pushing pen.
Lonely prose
like writing my name.
Sounds pretty
from her mouth.
Has she interest
in uttering it?
Her brothers
make game of it.
Thin skin.

Write the equivalence
of ancient text.
Think long and hard
you put name to movement.
How sweet in treat the beast.

Poignant still.
The unexplained life
is merciful.
Perhaps it’s
seventy five dollars
I hadn’t taken in ’96.
Said I’d go slow
but things unraveling.
And before then.
And before then.
I never wished this love
be poisoned well.
hell is paved…*

Say It Like You Mean It

Your stiff chin
and your haughty
If you don’t mean a word of it
fall on your poniard.
There is privilege involved.

Your secrets spread
like smoke signal.
Thrill seekers have the building
The lady of the house
set loose the hounds
in the morning.
Your stiff chin
when they’re picking
at your clothing.
If no feel for it
fall on your poniard.
There’s privilege involved.*

The walk from
the university
about a mile.
Then to the cellar.
Politics aside.
The despair is thicker
than expected
whichever suffer me.
I tell the keeper,
“set one of your ladies…”

The town square.
Bats in the courthouse
belfry. Reincarnate.
Believe the fellow
had something to do with it.
“Top Of The Town.”

There is always the park.
She shudder at the thought
of crossing without escort.
Despair is thicker than expected.
An interminable mist.
Move about it as if
inevitable condition.
There are Betas around.
See their foot prints towards town.
Mere miles either side of the courthouse
see your way clear.*

South Village,

Gem of the theater scene.
Master raconteur
and so his narratives
grace the stage.
They’re true events
whether he was party to
or witness.
What it is to be your muse.

Their rapacity for it.
Plausible experience.
Ravenous applause.
The capacity for rapt audience.
Always in character.

The waters are angry.
All the wit he could use
winsome as it shook out.
All of the passion
and rapacity for it.
What it is to be his muse.

Off the southwest coast
the sound of merry making
spills out onto the water.
The Brandywine Mountains.
The venerable venue.

Tonight’s story:
An apartment in the city.
They stand like prize fighters
in a room.
Their wear spartan
with little dialog.
Plays out with aplomb.
If there is blood.
Acted as written.*

Comfort Woman

With your subtle
but unsubtle trump.
I sing the Raven’s song
and sought the window.
They were gone.

I wanted simple
and sweet.
Leave it to black bird
and High Priest.

Eyes to the heavens
but door through which
comfort comes.
Body wants what it wants.
Sing Raven’s song  
I’d sight just once.*

American Horror

Always devil
but witch of winter.
She is specter
when full house.
Vex the boy
drink made slow.
Fuck him to death.

Always the devil screeching
and bleating.
Minion’s gone rogue.
Witch of winter vex
the boy afloat River North.*

I didn’t start it
but see it better than.
Death or ridiculous end.
Her’s word do
what they should.
I’d suicide  
I finish the book.

I could’ve been
good for something.
Sprinkle arsenic on my limes.
Roll it into my cigarettes.
I used to be good
for good times.
No glitterati and
no one to rent the apartment.

Were I covetous in wanting
deeper than it cut.
Put that into the book.
A feeling for serene waters.
Morphine dreams.
I am good for it
the good doctor.*

Fuss over her dress.
If not intrigued,

Now hardened hearts.
The blocks depressed.
Once exposition
then annexed.
The long dead
same address.
They want to bed you
wedded macabre.
The fated creature
no shrinking beast.
To be foolish
if not intrigued. *

Save a man from himself.
Who’d cleave
to the hem
of your frock.

Save a man by pointing
out his wealth.
Knowing one cannot
help himself.
Come aboard
where borders
tenuous at best.
My vessel
mahogany flesh. *


Something’s got to give.
Used to be come 12 am
the phone ring.

Back then he could afford
be generous.
The restaurant
go under,
go back to it.

Used to be
he would meet you
somewhere though
danger comes
even in daylight.

Set upon,
his face bloody.
A sideways scar.
The parcel its
destination reached.
Startled children
in residence. *


The years at Winthrop
the corner building
off the elevated stop.
Remember most the solitude.
The storms within,
and within them the eye.
Ever more silence.
Those who didn’t
go away or stay away,
I’d sent back
where they came
with their well wishing.

Said I’d given up.
What a wind tunnel
North to south.
When the winds pick up
it’s like blindside
and the sidewalks
already narrow.

Find at this height
it is hard to breathe.
The oxygen seeping out.
The people I see
have no concept
of me.
Just those I haven’t asked
for money.

It seemed a matter of time.
I wanted a hookah
to supplement my wine.
Every morning on the wake up
scream out,
“what must I have done.”
I could make the window
without running. Jump. *

Do It In Luxury

Roxie got fingered
and that’s just fine.
She could barely
resist it the
first time.

So she comes
just to get it.
She brings Ruby along
to help her tell it.

When October come
and the children
throw stones.

Roxie is full of passion
over flow.
She’d come all this way
the educated men.
Leaves her panties 
she’s around them.

Roxie got fingered
her best gown.
“Do it in luxury,” she says.
Things are different
in these gardens.*

Love Fools

There is no proper etiquette
for fools.
The moods that
cause reaction
like speaking
in tongues.
Move our bodies
to the maximum.

In a December depression
back lighted
by an old lamp.
Those dresses you wore
with little pattern
or style.
Make up for it
with guile.

I purse my lips
for the grind.
Ruffle the fabric
for the lightning
in our loins.
Think of me
and history grasp. *


Beholden to my salvation
the fulgor of the sun
through yonder window.
Is affirmation
her absolute.

My love’s
tender mercies.
Her effete kiss.
The depth of my love
her recompense.
She comes same as she goes
with a pivot to her hips.
Stepping blithely
inspiration that.
Through the black door.
Black on both sides. *

My schooling
and work as
certified liar.

It means
I will not be
denied much.

It begins
with eyes on the prize
and the analysis

Certain points I cannot help
but belabor to make.
All the more ardent
she walk away.

My words echo
in the small space.
She does an about face.

The little restaurant
a family set up.
I have removed my hat
with a card
from my suit jacket,

I’ve started wearing
I’d seen you last.
“I’m educated now.”
She laughs at that.
She wants pretty things.
City boys for that.

A suddenly concerned
Hardened hearts
at the movement started.
Bedlam. *

In the days of duels
took place
sight the King.

With anticipation
he declare end to it.
All over the kingdom
they go to the gun.
The woman pleads for life.
How they fight polite society.

The drunk and uncouth
throw fists.
The gun quick end
to things.
They shoot half cocked
without discipline.
Matter between men
need only witness
to winner.

She pleads for life.
She may be betrothed
a different man
this night.*

Pussy Cat

I was the pussy cat
at your door.
In the maelstrom.
I took you at
your word
and wait in the gale
for it rather than
fight the children.

Humanity is to witness
the beautiful things.
Such as pussy cat stripes.
The cold of a
particular spite.

A sustained wind.
See the inner works
nuclear family.*

Broken summers
much like giving up.
Sleep until hunger
force me up.
Powerful hunger to rise up.
I never liked the summer.
Winter allows me
to cover up.
Flaws in the sun.

No summer luck.
No summer love.
No summer dresses
to look up.
And invitations to decline.
In backyards.

Since she’d gone
one summer to the next.
Summer solstice.
The longest days
the dog days.
No patching
the ozone up.
Threaten to
burn the willows up.

The winter has its wilderness.
Winter winds.
Frozen tears
to my chin.
Tears fall
without consent.
The summer then
melts the accumulation.

Since she’d gone
one summer to the next.
Blend into one.
It’s the summer sun
that cause headaches. *

Times I couldn’t wait
some deity to come.
Instead focus her shoulders
windows yonder.

The eye of the Holy Ghost
alight on her breasts.
Witness seeks blessing.
As well we have come
for wine in the pots. *


Forget I came along.
As you feel you must.
Forget me.
Then you must.
Regrettably yours

Everything between us
a baptism in the ages.
Wash away residue.
I ever moved you.

That I came along
and give you feeling.
Unremitting and the zeal
you purge me from
your recollection.
Better best for preservation.

If you must
forget me
then you must.
Regrettably yours. *

Everything For A Price

Wonder of wonders
what that be like.
Affect my quarry.
The tag along.
And not say
I’m sorry.
Regard is none.

Chased as I’ve
chased along.
Steady as it goes
no cause for alarm.
A ready bond as equals.

Wonder of wonders
what that be like.
Affect my quarry the tag along.
And not say I’m sorry. *


The dreams of…
Scenes of…
Deals with devil
Exhibition pride city wide.
Mad men choose weapon.
With the nights rattle for salvation.
Mouths opened and paged to content.
The truth bold and irreverent.
Mad Hatter.
Mad cap. *

I Could Eat You Alive

The lamb is tender.
The dressing piquant.
She will have basmati rice.
The dressmaker
is world famous.
I could eat you alive.

By the day
more eloquent.
Suffer his whim.
Gifts elaborate
suffer what he spends.
It comes with
the house wine.

The dressmaker
is world famous.
Leafy greens.
Tomato basil.
Sinister or sweet.
Wipe away memory of it.
A damp cloth.
Upper floor lavatory.
I could eat you alive. *

I sit at the end of the table
with my back to the half octagon window.
Jutting out onto the sidewalk.
She sits to my left.
Orders placed for dinner and drinks.
Shrimp shumai the appetizer.
The other patrons are waited on.
Dressed in sweaters and slacks.
Khakis. Suit coats. Formal wear. The ladies their dresses.

Currently it quite pleasant.
The western sky is in full view of you.
The setting sun, as if the pupils
form the center and the white temper
the flares.
I am thinking as I drink my cosmopolitan.
I would have to be quick
where her knees swing back and forth.
Nervous habit.
Leave a hand there long enough
at a steadier pace now
I get close enough to feel silk.
At a slower pace she feels the grasp on it full.
Decide where we stand.*

I ‘d thought the Gods
had given up as they are
wont to do.
Leave it to the fates
as the furies are due.
What favor retreat?

She let me feed
without violence
of copulating.
She cut a beautiful figure
in waiting.

I’d thought the Gods
had given up.
The Raven
The bird of state.
The furies and fates.
It takes siren
no patron saints.

Hardly angels to appeal
our better nature.
What favor retreat?
Feed without violence
She cut beautiful figure
in waiting.*

Get Yourself A Gun

Get yourself a gun.
In the rose garden
With thorns a warning:
Your affairs in order.

The boys tend the garden
not tend such wounds.
For the sake
a burial place.

Get yourself a gun.
Rose garden.
Take up the acres
Adjacent the

The Gods their
buskin humor.
My blood reach the roots.
The boys are meant to toil
not tend such wounds.
With thorns a warning:
A loud report. *


It must be nice to be wanted.
It last long as your words
go ‘round the track backwards.
It’s nice to be pretty if you can keep it.
Put on airs bleed out in rain.
City boys kiss and tell.
The way they tell it leave a taste.
Chastity never chaste.

With few attributes to offer they deplete.
With nothing to barter
when the wind carries the smoke.
A mixture of cannabis, stale incense.
Regarded like Shakespeare’s Wicked Sisters:
“Her choppy finger laying upon her skinny lips.
You should be woman but your beard
forbids me to interpret you as so.”

There isn’t elder speak for you.
At face value isn’t worth revival of dead language.
With the same breath speak of alien
and vampire myth.
In times past they would have your head.

As word spreads of your forked tongue
and kissing ugly women.
They kiss and tell.
The experience leave a taste.
Chastity never chaste. *

Summer Skin

There I am in
my summer skin
the winter bore.
Time again
like time before.
That time again
I crease your door.
Mine is love
but promise nothing.

What the winter bore
corpuscle taut.
What started in ’91 was not
at the end of a gun.

Seasons come early
the environment stays hot.
I proffer to marry
I say tarry not.
Mine is love
but promise nothing.*

Grand Apartments, Providence

Black doors.
Imagine the horrors.
There are spirits
in the tower.
A particular strand isolation.
The current occupant
And the woman before.

Is the violence and spook inside.
Trip over them get a breath.
Things she’s seen.
Things to raise hairs.
If it isn’t bed bugs.
Could be specters.

The loneliness if they would only stay
She come to her senses
and move away.

The lift bring us to black doors.
Find companion among vampire. 
Festival to deity.
When finally your quarry leave
Could be week or weekend.
However long it takes to conceive.*