Friday, July 13, 2018

City Rules

Advantage the Tanze woman for them would pay. Valuables in lieu. Deal with hers directly. Once the door close there wolves. Is for hers life I further advantage single bed. In waiting mine hatred subside. See from Dakin Street the fated for place on the bed. I go first. The bard quote her buxom bird. Fat is vogue. All the wonder the smell of strange. Some noon is you feel yourself. She come for I’m local expose hers vulva. Suppose I keep her so. City rules.
The days are days of sun. She seek from it. Buena Park exotica. Cross the water come aground unincorporated township since was White City. Sides Fremont. The lot is gypsy The skinny bird wish accoutrement give of herself. Food and games. Full of smoke company of men. This fellow she’s particular run about. Could burn up hers clothing. Loosed haphazard bottle of wine. The smoke for the mind. Would never breathe the likes of me but never cease looks of it. There is drought on Gold Coast. The fat one peddle bootleg. There ghosts in the slum. Grand house narrowed to Sunny Lane. We have run in. Uptown burn. Fat is vogue. I should trust her merry band of spinners.
You’ll burn everything I own and worked for sharing. You don’t want from me. Leave no trace. Good intent face for radio. Suicide alprazolam. Lonely is flesh eating fated free fall. Me chin up. I give up with none offspring. Wife. A glass of ale and candle light. I pen this of sound mind. Dose carbon monoxide. Over dosage. I’ve not pistol but flammable goods. Controlled burn. Destroy worldly hope better times. Burn up clothing and books. Local text. Time of invention printing press. Tell her I never stopped the years hence. Leave none trace or platitude I’d earned. None tears sure none mourners. I’ve none money I’m all heart. I was never meant for money. Is for effect. Put mineself together. I’m eligible fellow.  If not for the permanence I’d done it long time. West face window. Spiders and flies. Mosquitoes. Mine thin skinned is ideal condition.
Keep your grimace throughout. The Master Bed Saint Valentines. I’d seen it then subsequent silk bed sheets. Predicate I’d puncture years worth house of cards. First night she is wonderland. Do like do you. Yours life your own hands. She’s ass out but once is all. Keep yours grin throughout. Through eye cross town. Was I cause this. Was Lucky and the walls echo mine love. City rules she back me whole stupor. I hold tight.  Black bird  some hold on the house versus other bird only black hair. Fast car bring them.
People under the stairs , the blood cause to do. They’re spread eagle on death. Everyone for themselves. Eventually there further some afternoon macabre. There are bones. I’m lone survive such bird be wanton bloody something. Fulsome whole time what save me. Mine druthers bird all stripe. Neighbor girls solstice. People under the stairs. To them I am specter take Winter Witch be rid of me. Dictate strike hers bottom and forget yours proper plantation bird. Muddy water. Blood let, master bath bled out. Pussy on the table come to it same. Compel her mine spree was power given at me. None encumbrance short of pulling hair. And there after Mad Hatter. Let her tell it was crude and long suffer Once up high your sundry. I am that man. Twilight yours frightened. Is guile that we like this. She skin it back. There sycophant. So is prone whole house.
Plantation birds, East Saint Lou. They get in the gardens. Their demonstrate but confer not Found a man in the city lie in wait is maze. Pick sides when there animus hence. State of play. They loot the Grand house for gaiety.
Classic darkness in the time of Kingdom and frontier. Rapid modernization since locomotion and the auto. Hers taste intercontinental. Brood of them carry weapon. If need be there are for hire. Sinister is thick. I’m at the ready heavy weight. Cannot be out done. Bit of trade the night is won. Bit of raw I tore hers gown. This common era.
            There Buena street low brick building. Trade in stories. Missives of local. In the stacks yours particular exposed. However bird advantage Diaspora. Bold as brass, hers pedigree much as she built well. Sudden epic explain presence. Bit of exotic, birds circle branches. Could be twice bird talk him outside. He dangle in the stacks romantic.
            She sees is her ideation. Tell him funny named man: I love you. There’s room for that. Bit of rescue to the garden. Old man say I corrupt bird. Let him say which one. The boy is welcome. The ramshackle single family dwelling overfull from before annex. Each a garden and fountain. Asylum blend in the sights.
            Is hers ideation she get where the light on her. Panties aside run out in the garden. Me Wildman without robe that wild like him hold hope the lonely pass the hedges.
            We move fast with this. I do you before task master make fear for yours life. Latter year trappings. Desire warm body. Hold tension single bed room. The wind fast moving couldn’t breathe. Matter deprivation alone with me. The cramped quarters for a time, measure of tender.
            She profess whole heart. The fates are there is pain. She hold for a mate. Spirit away we are Crystal Beach. The wind fast moving. The phases now three quarters. It be timeless. Measure of tender.
            She go ‘round look for a game. He’s at hers lips full steam. Play to a draw. She arch hers back like maven. Stretch of black unbroken. She go Uptown Sunday morning. She play to a draw. Overlook garden or midst.  Constant go ‘round. Days after don’t hear you scream.
Feeling themselves expect encomium from other crews back and forth. They circle the block before shoot it up and stray bullet. Kill a local bird. Fast drive south.
They’re Mississippi diner. Eggs over easy. Stack of ham and flapjacks. They get out of town. Private flights spread out the Caribbean. They change their looks for sure Americans on the ground. Regardless none treaty. Elder Ambrose unhappy infamy of the boy. News reel back home. General mayhem backdrop racial hatred. They’d stash funds for exile. They change their looks for continue contraband to the states with violence from vacuum left by Ambrose gang. Chicago given over to Capone. The boy land Jonsburg and before register warmth fast drive to Ravenswood, Albemarle.                It was a killing that sent him to Chicago. A killing in the house. The other siblings had never seen such a thing so young. Assume some affront on the family adept at getting rid of evidence including an impressionable child age 5.
The lot of them in one apartment wondering what to do with a boy so young. In the midst they’re infamous.
Chicago a city gritty up and coming like any city on the Great Lakes know for something or another. Advantage boats and railroad for trade. Ambitious men, a mess of annexation to suit them. The sky is the limit. They build how many man or beast.
Age 12 the boy could well defend himself public school. Everyone know what Ambrose are like. Is 1910 and they with North Side crews. A few with Caribbean accent . White boys wouldn’t laugh at them. The blacks got guns like them.
The north side border Chicago and Evanston. Shoot ‘cross the boulevard. The divide both sides fighting force. There fights and rivals rolled for contraband.
            By high school he’s driver in capers End of which is time to get out of the city. Plenty more places to hide down state. Drop the boy off at college Mc Donough County. They’re back and forth St. Louis and New Orleans. And while the boy is on the soccer pitch they’re at the banks nearby.  By reputation they tax crews to get their booze to the city. Reach all the way to Mississippi while the boy is making cheeky with birds at university.
            Bedlam: slender man figure tall and dark. Every town has one. Able to charm woman and able to be anonymous at the same time. Considered creep he embrace such behavior. He bring out same in who he cross like she burst without it. Set his dog on the streets of Camelot. Rather measured mass of bird particular fat to preen. They afraid of me. 

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