Saturday, July 29, 2017

Barn Stormers

All the neighborhood clubs. Tight fit but game on. Strike a blow side of the house. The league is rowdy. Shooting close call. ‘Wise they rest advantage shoot one over the roof. Consider his batting average left side windows breaker. Summer circuit rebound from the structure keep him at single base. The big club put your name on your shirt. Situational hitting. Barn stormers. They’re cross streets travelling team.


Well sight of the goal and still a great play to score. Big boys and their blitzes throw right side . Stretch for it. There is snow. Single tally settle it home club. Collective talent the day of sounds. Back and forth. It’s yard lines turned to mud and bloody uniforms. But strike this side of the field then hold until official time. I played further clubs. Losing end witness tally this match. Is cold on the water front game like this. January game like this.

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