Saturday, November 18, 2017

The town of Royal Base ball club and all the towns around the league with clubs. Rabid fans live and die with every pitch. Royal at this time is a particular talented club and favorite to win the National League Championship. They’re off and running at Corona. Through Yves. The boys in green and gold. Lead the east with Edgewater city right behind. Lux is leading the central and Mondragon is leading the west.

They pounce quickly putting up crooked numbers. First eighty games of the season their record is sixty wins and twenty losses. The league is lively as the parks are 40,000 capacity. The boys start the season barnstorming one country or another. The United States none black players. Bone of contention nineteen hundred and thirty.

Circumstance all stars Jonsburg. Start second half in Capitol city now second place and Albemarle behind. Matter of string hits together . Stolen bases as a rule. Difficult as it is to put up crooked number. Occasional over eager and caught between bases, At Drexel in the rain come slump through Long Beach. At eighty and forty drop to second place for a short time. Montrose leads the central and Durham leads the west. Capitol city leads the wild card should the post season start today. And so it shakes out. Middle of September they’re over 100 wins. It’s been ’16 since Royal last won it but lost in the Caribbean League, The host is Cuba. The excitement tempered by losing the first two games at Royal against Capitol city but win the rest. All the talk of Fowler with the Princess. Win the King’s Cup then American clubs come for poaching.

I’m Fowler. I’m fielder and lead hitter in the order and stature around them wear it well. That fat as your love spell. That come out of your clothing. You’re whole heart. Like drive deep in the ivy. Recognize me first team. The Royal boys are wiry. The ball twist when hit the ground. They’re advancing bases. Fire brand manager all black baseball clubs. They throw at batters. Spit at them. Barn storming. Some Caribbean clubs bad blood. Brusque as he was he did wonders with the Capitol city club then he move north . He gets Albemarle dump garbage on the field. Drexel throw rocks visitors bus. Perhaps I pop one up the middle set them on their face. Mighty blow follow. Parks are beautiful coiffed the east. But western clubs with the dust and backdrop mountains, cliff. Agriculture towns . West southwest the dirt streets rural. Corona tony sporting northwest. I admire you and yours exotica extramural. She approach point of sale. Merchandise is team color. Up and down is green wave. Is July the clouds break. The rain lay waste playing surface. What unite us I’d spilled as viable. Brood of them all season. Come back kids talk ‘bout I started this. I’m big league for this. I’m thriving confines Royal Park. Banners win and lose Clap for me Wilton Street. Throw roses and should they wear panties. Power through Corona and Belle Plaine to end the season. First round opponent upset minded there am I Water street Speak Easy. Tell me you like me. Heiress games of consequence. King’s Cup ever valiant Montrose but vanquished ticker tape. Locals celebrate. See their boys off to Cuba.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Who Am I?

Who am I? Who I am is more than a list of things rattled off rapid fire. More than something to be contemplated for writing assignments. I am Milo Ambrose among other things a student in a class. I am a human being above the influences that I fill up my soul with. I am free whether physically or mentally. Luckily I have many things to choose from. By that thinking I am the product of influenced by things I cannot control. Before someone asks me how I feel. I’m happy for such games of chance comes love. As well games of chance bring loss. I am a person mine mind full of confusion. The unexamined life I’ve examined when time is a surplus like buying shoes when money is at a surplus. I hate returning things.
Barn Stormers

All the neighborhood clubs. Tight fit but game on. Strike a blow side of the house. The league is rowdy. Shooting close call. ‘Wise they rest advantage shoot one over the roof. Consider his batting average left side windows breaker. Summer circuit rebound from the structure keep him at single base. The big club put your name on your shirt. Situational hitting. Barn stormers. They’re cross streets travelling team.


Well sight of the goal and still a great play to score. Big boys and their blitzes throw right side . Stretch for it. There is snow. Single tally settle it home club. Collective talent the day of sounds. Back and forth. It’s yard lines turned to mud and bloody uniforms. But strike this side of the field then hold until official time. I played further clubs. Losing end witness tally this match. Is cold on the water front game like this. January game like this.