Monday, July 11, 2016

SOCIAL ANIMAL 1998-2014 Godfrey Logan
Sudden as storm against her.
Hardly light press
against her.

Scent of season
suckle center.
Visitor boudoir
given to outdo
or why bother?

Subtle warning
consent by the whites.
Have sight them
quite diversion.*

Gypsy artisan
she be muse.
It stops raining.

Once city dweller
love is no friend.
Keep to festival
travelling show.
Rats in the courtyard.

Put on best dress
when need be feminine.
Suite for privacy.
Homage erotica.

The creature
has fever.
Gypsy lust.
Actors in coitus.
Elders hope for Dallas

I Remember Elle

Steady through peace time.
Reality as it was.
Particular to one boy.

The boys with their athletics.
Me with leave to indulge.
Lest affair won’t do.
Let better sides be seen.

Think such of him
transient season.
Hardly disrupt
without reason.

Through the harvest hardly
men without need.
Reality as it was.
Lest affair won’t do.
Elle her all girl revue.
Let better sides be seen.

Whether of his accord
or sent to the front.
Ever kind word.
Her man is gone.
Comrade or commandant
dutiful nonetheless.
Dress uniform.
Formalities conferred.
Impose on
happy home.
Gratitude express
finery falls down.

Whether of his accord
or taken up sword
impress upon her host
her man is gone.
Without need the formal.
Guest or Master Bed.
Place for such things.
Her man is gone.
Gratitude express
finery falls down.

South Village, Providence

Collective consensus:
 bad actors.
The King’s men.
Assassin in the building.

Family business this murder.
This murder.
The duo for their part
as if in their boudoir.
By their encore
men meet their demise.
Would they get out
of the country alive?

As if my secreta
is gold.
Tempestuous waters
near theater doors.
Put it to the spotlight
without cover.
I do the same my lover.

Collective consensus:
bad actors.
The King’s men
and Gendarme.
Assassin the building.


Fools gold.
An epitaph on
grave marker.
Says you’re a man of means
or a lesson for learnin’.
Imperfect being
the martyr in me.

Know nothing more
than pushing pen.
Lonely prose
like writing my name.
Sounds pretty
from her mouth.
Has she interest
in uttering it?
Her brothers
make game of it.
Thin skin.

Write the equivalence
of ancient text.
Think long and hard
before you put name
to the boy.

Likely his name
to movement.
How sweet her interest
in treating the beast.

Romantics with their
tea light candles
burned to nil.
Poignant still.
The unexplained life
is merciful.
Perhaps it’s
seventy five dollars
I hadn’t taken in ’96.
Said I’d go slow
but things unraveling.
And before then.
And before then.
I never wished this love
be poisoned well.
Streets of hell are paved…

Say It Like You Mean It

Your stiff chin
and your haughty
If you don’t mean a word of it
fall on your poniard.
There is privilege involved.

Your secrets spread
like smoke signal.
Thrill seekers have the building
The lady of the house
set loose the hounds
in the morning.
Your stiff chin
when they’re picking
at your clothing.
If no feel for it
fall on your poniard.
There’s privilege involved.

The walk from
the university
about a mile.
Then to the cellar.
Politics aside.
The despair is thicker
than expected
whichever would suffer me.
I tell the keeper,
“set one of your ladies…”

The town square.
Bats in the courthouse
Believe the fellow
had something to do with it.
“Top Of The Town.”

There is always the park.
She shudder at the thought
of crossing it without escort.
Despair is thicker than expected.
An interminable mist.
Move about it as if
inevitable condition.
There are Betas around.
See their foot prints towards town.
Mere miles
either side of the courthouse
see your way clear.

South Village,
gem of the theater scene.
Master raconteur
and so his narratives
grace the stage.
They’re true events
whether he was party to
or witness.
What it is to be your muse.

Their rapacity for it.
Plausible experience.
Ravenous applause.
The capacity for rapt audience.
Always in character.

The waters are angry.
All the wit he could use
winsome as it shook out.
All of the passion
and rapacity for it.
What it is to be his muse.

Off the southwest coast
the sound of merry making
spills out onto the water.
The Brandywine Mountains.
The venerable venue.
Tonight’s story:
An apartment in the city.
They stand like prize fighters
in a room.
Their wear spartan
with little dialog.
Plays out with aplomb.
This disgusting display
if there is blood.
Acted as written.

Comfort Woman

With your subtle
but unsubtle trump.
I sing the Raven’s song
and sought the window.
They were gone.

I wanted simple
and sweet.
Leave it to black bird
and High Priest.
Eyes to the heavens
but door through which
comfort comes.
Body wants what it wants.
Sing Raven’s song in hopes
I’d sight just once.*

I took her in.
Soaked to the skin.
From the rain.
She can dry off
with drink.
Get to talking
the hard times.
She’ll bathe in fragrant oils.
Customary, share
what’s in your stores.*

American Horror

Always devil
but witch of winter.
She is specter
when house is full.
Vex the boy
drink made slow.
Fuck him to death.
Always the devil screeching
and bleating.
Minion’s gone rogue.
Witch of winter vex
the boy afloat River North.*

Figure of a man
with limb and living
as life like.
Who would have it?
Brand or caliber
status regardless
of no value to natives.

Life like undistinguished.
His passion
now slow drift
suicide by drink.
His letters
flitter in the wind.
The body weary.
Living as life like
without heir or wife.
Who would have him?
Brand or caliber.
Status regardless.
No value to natives.*

See the man which stage
your play. Players. Camelot.
Fortuna. Cuba.

See the man
your close up.
South Village
Private club.
Wild hundreds.

See the man which stage
your play. Fortuna.
State street.
Estate and garden.
See the man for comp.*

I am that man.
Between avenue
and garden.
Petting if you like.
What a lover I am.

To bed with fever
and such force
likely broke it.
Power of the sea.
She can be faithful.*

When The Lights Go Out
What began in the summer
and the waters around us.
Give a man a handful.
It was the bloom
all the sudden.
Swoon as unsubtle coo
and do when the lights go out.

Activity around me
at the center
the flurry of limbs
and I could be queen
of all south of Adams street.

Back road drivers
when the city is aflame
and the seas rise up.

See the circuit
and word get around.
Talk of it sidewalk
when they stalk the streets
sun down.
Otherwise I am about
the Grand Apartments.
Particular afternoons,
nights tread.
When the lights go out,
I am his pet.

The tower and
its bowels.
The neighborhood
and its redeemers still.
Desperados in the streets.
In the evening when the hatred
be heeded. Comforts few.
Could be hours before
the animal is through.

What begun winter
but still the sun.
Lion in the streets
I beat the drum slowly.
She is prone.
Her hindquarters thick.
Talk of it on the sidewalks.
Revelry to it.
Give a man a handful
and a bloom
all the sudden.
Swoon as subtle coo
and do when the lights go out.*

Kindness Of Strangers

Names and places
have been changed
for the innocent
as yet there are none.
Speak of it
and make it clarion.

Names and places
have been changed
for the innocent
and so it is said
it is in the eyes
of the beholder.

Speak to it as it stands.
It was sweetest when
we lay hands
and lie close.
Am I quarry or host?
Am I star or ghost?
What you give away
then take back.
There is hardly life
after that.*

Little Woman

The little woman
and for the games
forsake her boys.
There is wine
and wiser than
her five feet.
Her dress cast about
as light material.
Forsake her boys
and their wives
and concubine.
The further north,
contact will stiffen her back.
Spread eagle as all that.

Little woman
she’s for the games
of chance and chess.
Cast her dress
as light material.
Make up for winter
its lifelessness.

There are games of cards
and dice.
Festival Dionysus.
There is wine and wiser
than her five feet.
The further north the contact
will stiffen your back.
Spread eagle as all that.*

I didn’t start it
but see it better than.
Death or ridiculous end.
Mater’s word do
what they should.
I’d suicide as
I’d finished the book.

I could’ve been
good for something.
Sprinkle arsenic on my limes.
Roll it into my cigarettes.
I used to be good
for good times.
No glitterati and
no one to rent the apartment.

Were I covetous in wanting
deeper than it cut.
Put that into the book.
A feeling for serene waters.
Morphine dreams.
The city sea side.
I didn’t start it
but see it better than
goodbyes too soon.
I am good for it
the good doctor.*

Fuss over her dress.
If not intrigued,

Now hardened hearts.
The blocks depressed.
Once exposition
then annexed.
The long dead
same address.
They want to bed you
wedded macabre.
The fated creature
no shrinking beast.
To be foolish
if not intrigued.*

Save a man from himself.
Who’d cleave
to the hem
of your frock.

Save a man by pointing
out his wealth.
Knowing one cannot
help himself.
Come aboard
where borders
tenuous at best.
My vessel
mahogany flesh. *

Murder of Crows

The eye of the black bird,
behavior for spite.
Orgy of heights.
Warm bodies about.
Brown liquid.
Acting out.
Who follow suit?

The Grand Tower is venerable.
Legend throughout
jet about
Raven’s behest.
Hardly recognize
The murder of crows.

Raven as royalty
castle and manor.
Pressed into service
recite the charter.
Imminent domain
the sake of commerce.
Clinking of glass
candles and gift,
proper spirit lift
her dress.
Hardly recognize
Murder of crows.*


Something’s got to give.
Used to be come 12 am
the phone ring.

Back then he could afford
be generous.
When the restaurant
went under,
go back to it.

Used to be
he would meet you
somewhere though
danger comes
even in daylight.

Set upon,
his face bloody.
A sideways scar.
The parcel its
destination reached.
Startled children
in residence.


The years at Winthrop
the corner building
off the elevated stop.
Remember most the solitude.
The storms within,
and within them the eye.
Ever more silence.
Those who didn’t
go away or stay away,
I’d sent back
where they came
with their well wishing.
Said I’d given up.
What a wind tunnel
North to south.
When the winds pick up
it’s like blindside
and the sidewalks
already narrow.

Find at this height
it is hard to breathe.
The oxygen seeping out.
The people I see
have no concept
of me.
Just those I haven’t asked
for money.

It seemed a matter of time.
I wanted a hookah
to supplement my wine.
Every morning on the wake up
scream out,
“what must I have done.”
I could make the window
without running. Jump.*

Do It In Luxury

Roxie got fingered
and that’s just fine.
She could barely
resist it the
first time.

So she comes
just to get it.
She brings Ruby along
to help her tell it.

When October come
and the children
throw stones.

Roxie is full of passion
over flow.
She’d come all this way
the educated men.
Leaves her panties 
she’s around them.

Roxie got fingered
her best gown.
“Do it in luxury,” she says.
Things are different
in the gardens.
Again her men.*

Love Fools

There is no proper etiquette
for fools.
The moods that
cause reaction
like speaking
in tongues.
Move our bodies
to the maximum.

In a December depression
back lighted
by an old lamp.
Those dresses you wore
with little pattern
or style.
Make up for it
with guile.
I purse my lips
for the grind.
Ruffle the fabric
for the lightning
in our loins.
Think of me
and history grasp.*


Beholden to my salvation
the fulgor of the sun
through yonder window.
Is affirmation
her absolute.

My love’s
tender mercies.
Her effete kiss.
The depth of my love
as her recompense.
She comes same as she goes
with a pivot to her hips.
Stepping blithely
inspiration that.
Through the black door.
Black on both sides.*

My schooling
and work as
certified liar.

It means
I will not be
denied much.

It begins
with eyes on the prize
and the analysis

Certain points I cannot help
but belabor
to make.
All the more ardent
as she is
walking away.

My words echo
in the small space.
She does an about face.

The little restaurant
a family set up.
I have removed my hat
with a card
from my suit jacket,

I’ve started wearing
I’d seen you last.
“I’m educated now.”
She laughs at that.
She wants pretty things.
City boys for that.

A suddenly concerned
Hardened hearts
at the movement started.

In the days of duels
some of which
took place
in sight the King.

With anticipation
he declare end to it.
All over the kingdom
they go to the gun.
The woman pleads for life.
How they fight polite society.

The drunken and uncouth
throw fists.
The gun quick end
to things.
They shoot half cocked
without discipline.
Matter between men
need only witness
to winner.

She pleads for life.
She may be betrothed
a different man
this night.

Pussy Cat

I was the pussy cat
at your door.
In the maelstrom.
I took you at
your word
and wait in the gale
for it rather than
fight the children.

Humanity is to witness
the beautiful things.
Such as pussy cat stripes.
The cold of a
particular spite.

A sustained wind.
See the inner works
nuclear family.
A pussy cat
in the yard
and wait for it
rather than
fight the children.

Broken summers
much like giving up.
Sleep until hunger
force me up.
Powerful hunger to rise up.
I never liked the summer.
Winter allows me
to cover up.
Flaws in the sun.

No summer luck.
No summer love.
No summer dresses
to look up.
And holiday invitations
to decline.
In backyards to socialize.

Since she’d gone
one summer to the next.
Summer solstice.
The longest days
the dog days.
No patching
the ozone up.
Threaten to
burn the willows up.

The winter has its wilderness.
Winter winds.
Frozen tears
to my chin.
Tears fall
without consent.
The summer then
melts the accumulation.

Since she’d gone
one summer to the next.
Blend into one.
It’s the summer sun
that cause headaches.

Times I couldn’t wait
some deity to come.
Instead focus her shoulders
windows yonder.

The eye of the Holy Ghost
alight on her breasts.
Witness seeks blessing.
As well we have come
for wine in the pots.

New Years In Halifax

We have no love.
Just time and space.
Right time. Right place.

It’s a new year and
Halifax never
so cold.

Shiver at the champagne.
It’s high octane.
Through such
days and nights
a wintry growl.
Nary a snowflake fallen.
We toast into mornings
and lie as rag dolls.*


Forget I came along.
As you feel you must.
Forget me.
Then you must.
Regrettably yours
in love.

Everything between us
a baptism
in the tide of age.
Wash away sediment.
I ever moved you.

That I came along
and give you feeling.
and the zeal
with which
you purge me
from your recollection.
Better best for preservation.

If you must
forget me
then you must.
Regrettably yours
in love.*

Send you a letter.
Its contents written
in earnest.
Said I’ve tried to maintain
but people change.
Seems our minds
change every half hour.
We sleep on it.
Human nature
so we feed on it.

I hope it says it all.
Maybe you will call on me.
Come see no use
for stern words and all that
when you’re just like me.
People change.
Seems our minds change
every half hour.
We sleep on it.
Human nature
so we feed on it.*

Everything For A Price

Wonder of wonders
what that be like.
Affect my quarry.
The tag along.
And not say
I’m sorry.
Discover regard
is none.

Chased as I’ve
chased along.
Steady as it goes
no cause for alarm.
A ready bond as equals.
Impulse. Drive.

Wonder of wonders
what that be like.
Affect my quarry the tag along.
And not say I’m sorry.*


The dreams of…
Scenes of…
Deals with devil
Exhibition pride city wide.
Mad men choose weapon.
With the nights rattle for salvation.
Mouths opened and paged to content.
The truth bold and irreverent.
Mad Hatter.
Mad cap.*

I Could Eat You Alive

The lamb is tender.
The dressing piquant.
She will have basmati rice.
The dressmaker
is world famous.
I could eat you alive.

By the day
more eloquent.
Suffer his whim.
Gifts elaborate
suffer what he spends.
It comes with
the house wine.

The dressmaker
is world famous.
Leafy greens.
Tomato basil.
Sinister or sweet.
Wipe away memory of it.
A damp cloth.
Upper floor lavatory.
I could eat you alive.*

Warm Bodies

Warm bodies in a room.
Never mind the others.
Like refuse thrown
about the bed chamber.
Ever so graceful.
Lay your virtue down.*

What is it you say
about me now?
Don’t look at me the same
when you see me now.
The fire burns sideways
got you freaking out.
Like facing the rapture.
When you seek me out.*

I ‘d thought the Gods
had given up as they are
wont to do.
Leave it to the fates
as the furies are due.
What favor retreat?

She let me feed
without violence
of copulating.
She cut a beautiful figure
in waiting.

I’d thought the Gods
had given up.
The Raven
The bird of state.
The furies and fates.
It takes siren
no patron saints.

Hardly angels to appeal
our better nature.
What favor retreat?
Feed without violence
She cut beautiful figure
in waiting*

Get Yourself A Gun

Get yourself a gun.
In the rose garden
With thorns a warning:
Your affairs in order.

The boys tend the garden
not tend such wounds.
Unless for the sake
a burial place.

Get yourself a gun.
Rose garden.
Unintended crop.
Where tomatoes
Should grow.
Take up the acres
Adjacent the

The Gods with their
buskin humor.
My blood reach the roots.
The boys are meant to toil
not tend such wounds.
With thorns a warning:
A loud report.*

My letters come back.
No such person
at this address.

I have run through
my suitors and
those of my friend.

Homely and poor
Who confide in me.
I confess to my doings
Such coldness I spit.
I will wait until
I hear from you.

New Year Eve
and years since
Albion street

My soldiers
they leave.
Man of the house
wants time with me.
I see him in mirrors
as if we’re friendly.
Until I hear from you.*

Get The Best Of Me

In the dark
voices insular.
Ghost towns
Hardly populous.

The best intentions
a means to an end.
Leave a location with more
than went in.

Treat her like a woman
and it goes to her head.
Again with vision
and never get out of bed.

When he pounces
pull your gown
back down.
Sleep one eyes open.*

As extraordinary as ordinary.
Hardly tame.
The constant garden
as well the giant.

In the country, cousins.
Kick about like soccer balls.
Riddles, rhetorical.
Machete for martyrs.
Difficult to marry off.*
Blackbird set her ‘tween them.
Boys play rough.
She suffer fool.

Seems Pollyanna association.
Always this love.

It takes Raven
See to this need.
Finish what they start.*


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