Sunday, November 6, 2016

It is a beautiful morning and the stroll south bound as brisk as the morning chill. The east Providence city morning. He knows the lot of them, son of John, the shopkeepers. He says a hearty “good morning.” There is an argument of charge for cigarette papers with a shabbily dressed man.

Heading south on Broadway Street son of John could walk for miles patronizing the little stores and shops opening to the new morning. Past the time of the morning still dark when he talks to the Gods. About his beloved’s red eyes red. The Madman has come. “He has begun his walk. His caravan. Begun Nashua Point. Center north and back to the burned out husk his house overlook the sea. Son of John look to the sky with confusion.

I have come for Isabel, the beloved of son of John, and Dionne. The woman she keeps around and her eyes are red as well. I arrive with much fan fare and go directly to their home. There is much I have to do there. Where I’ve been thus far I have much to tell. I walk coastal territory and I have interior cities yet to get to yet. While I am around I am the talk of the town as well my quarry. Those who fear this time of year. These are what go down.

Say something nice about her hair,” she says. Isabel. “About her dress.” I am taken by her as I have no shame to pick myself up from my knees as Isabel leaves to see to see to her beloveds needs. Her red eyes are undeniable and Dionnes’ same.

I make claim for either one of them or both will leave with me. Isabel would want before her woman to be mine. Selfishly Isabel must have the man. She cannot stand to simply be part of the caravan. Over time mine arrival comes according to the Gods, a pact made before my death and subsequent resurrection. A pied piper of sorts for “stray cats” that wander in from Albemarle slums to the north. Or southwest like Wish city casino girls.

He natives are wary of myself and the interlopers, warnings, many, warnings to stay away and
hopes the neighborhood will go back to what it was once the caravan pass through. Streets of east Providence city. Full of tension for they these stray want to walk about like the rest and be seen best places Broadway street. For a moment no resistance, where stares once disdain are envy. Red eyes, mayhem. It be long time see man like me again.

Son of John wonder what could spawn such a man. Oracle have no answers. The Gods cannot help him understand. All of them their red eyes red. Eyes Dionne, Isabel. He will not intervene. He values his life. Every morning he looks to the skies for guidance still the darkened morning before he goes walking. He will wait for her but knows it is a fruitless wait. A wait that there are not enough lifetimes to wait. Next stop for the caravan is Caduchon.

The Pagan slave trade between 16th and 18th century involve the Grand islands. Where nations attempt to overrun the archipelago. Yet Protected by deity for natives and safe haven. It would not thrive on the mainland. Patagonia would not be touched by the trade. The “Grand” the second largest of the islands a stop before Spain or the states erupt on hatred. The favored are feted before their fate. The birth of the Bedlamite come. Mainland overrun by escape. Over the Caribbean. The rugged north terrain of cliff, thick woods. Beasts of benevolence and not so. State created 200 A.D. by Senn among 13 of them. High Priest(ess) speak for them. When the great waves and they cannot get off the island. Godfrey set the vamp after ten year war with Jamaica. Feeling itself to colonize monarchy after civil war 400 A.D. The first Banton after he kill the leader opposition. Jonsburg.
Godfrey‘s gambit get out of hand. The resulting migrant flood quagmire of slavery. Jamaican expats attempt take over the mainland. Dartanyan create Lusus Naturae. Big foot type creatures live in trees and walk on all fours. Siren song to blunt the blood thirsty invasion. The King’s men keep up with the evolving. Banton become infamous they are first family. For liberty absolute power. Marguerite her people work the palace. Tell the boy stay away from her he’s at the line. Queen Mother put them together. Threaten his brother’s wife so throw him from high window. Send his brother back to his war. Bolivar would be King. Married Margurite. Would remain queen until about eighteenth century. He would go mad celebrate his prowess and building to his love for Marguerite. She marry Franco after his death.

Vineyard the God’s southwest. Cliffs of Mondragon. Farm, woodland. Crystal beach east. He’s in Albemarle, Ravenswood neighborhood to start then some Eden his animal on the streets. Camelot County, Providence and the Grand Islands. Current day 1936.

The Original

Wralston Bolivar Banton say “slave ain’t worth saving.” Fish them out of the sea. “Further scourge and worsen by the day. If not careful they’ll have the state and no manner or storm or miracle cease this.” Said Banton is offspring Marguerite and former King. She worry some madness in him. Up Darby espouse this. Northwest territory. His man Sekkou. The year is 1640. Nashua Point they stop running. Hardened men. The road to town for rogue or bloody rumble over safe passage. Marla to mollify him so stay away. Her with supplies their girl child. Walk the road daylight. Comfort to still feral men. It is Marla he love. Large estate and down below build up hatred. Queen Mother disown him. Queen to Franco now. They’re agitate more so with draw the girl for score. Left rotting goods their doorstep protest.

Again hardened men. Whatever tender towards them humble. There will be blood. Send Sekkou. Say, bring her out. However many toughs. Escape with her with posse and torch. Say burn it down. Best the Gods take her remains not found. The Queen just venom her son that his broken body on stone below. Fault his father for it. His sudden death prompted this. Then ever so often cry: Gone Girl. Legend of Bedlamite liveth. I am Milo. Consternation and chaos. My Rottweiler who run loose at night when marked for ill will. Is dreams he’s man this evil. So he is Bedlamite. He is the vex similar accused put to death.

Opening scene a funeral. There are no tears. Sadness none. Or regret. Expect it son. They’re old but they come. Still their patois. Brother and all of them. Turn out, but no joy bury his boy. “He like rural scene.” The Jester cemetery. All the flora and fauna. Bonfire his papers leave no trace. Simple epitaph wrote himself: “I’ve nothing left.” 1938 Hitler invade Poland. It don’t make the front page. The Bedlamite find a cemetery would take him. His people Belle Plaine. There are copy cat. Violence with that. Think the end of it. They shot his animal. Streets of Camelot. He’d done himself in. Quickly surely. While he pen this would end up in Bonfire. Best forget like land lord my debt. Left to revelers piss on mine grave. Then mine vengeance. Dig him up see for blood. His mouth and nails. Cut out his heart and burn it. Soon the world is at war and still the terror. Expect it son. Think he in jail ten years on. Come from Belle Plaine claim him.

She fat dark. Ravenswood Supper Club. She’s on line in time sure. On the whole go getters. She huff at me then mine some weekend winter. Her people gift her. They’re advanced and number. Strong hand then go ready friendly imprint her things. Her tell so expose her better half. Club for courtesan gymnasium and café. All the spirits they gather ‘round the game. She got first taste and find we’re on pace. Into winter we are likewise and spring from grey skies. Develop her own I hold to years on. And left to summer club to fill it. Come house broken crust over. Urine and dust.
True to mine is crooked lust. A good wife in time. I am absolutely supine. What but mine arrogance, it stand heavy that she covet mine is heady. At once chatter but cover your face. First taste thrill kill. Native black hair I grant she will and all the bile with it. Overtures and I’m stand up. What but mine arrogance and vigil sure. A pistol and fifth strong spirits. Legend seventeenth century menace. Like night crawler let them tell it. Settle in the vex your mettle.

Royal - Red October 1927 Providence

I Milo once all things to all men: Scholar. Sporting man. Courtesan. I've taken to page for pride and posterity. However the fall has been quite hard. Sleep in lacking due to constant conflagration in the streets. Carried into the Grand Tower. Bottles, broken windows. Sundry creature. One way or another bothersome. Enlarged heart since with the drinking. Tell her I hurry on to build a place in heaven for us. How so when she's everywhere and nowhere? Some years and odd years? I suggest generations connect. It be 1940 here. Elsewhere some other year. It's all dream. Who am I to believe? Melancholy wash over long on. Once all things to be envied. Lonely homely. Mater let me know. I however endowed just so much kindness of strangers.

The dreams bordering hallucination which in themselves aren't troubling as much headline: Gone Girl. Some sinister return . His man and caravan. This kingdom spook and siren. Vampire fixture and who battle them. Catamount in vineyards. Lusus Naturae in the trees. Northwest territories. If believe what you see. Last of the origin of original monarch. I've taken to page whether cautioning or braggart. That I not sleep but toil the hours. Besides fear the creep. That I be specter. Far as former self. Read: Gone girl. and come across in corridors as spook is spook. Tough times require companion. but not a one stand mine presence. Orgy of heights really for I am spender on brown liquor and mood altering. Eventually passe. No longer original. With the darkness as ever it don't get better. But for meeting readily discreet. Creature of my own four legged beast. Come where she call for me barking. Echoing tower. Mark you trouble. The nature get in. Rely on me. So she don't like it her grit on me. Likely mark her with the fight for your life. The night more like hallucination.

Recompense come when I take up on it. I am after all a big man. Corridors are small. She once city dweller. Love is no friend. Keep to festival traveling show. Rats in the courtyard. Omen. Put on best dress when need be feminine. Suites for privacy. Homage erotica. Deviant. The creature has fever. Gypsy lust. Caravan actors in coitus. Elders sleep flooded drive. Hope for Jester Halloween. It run through me like sweet bleed. It where I've been celebrated revered. University. Easy with my game my name is good. Plenty of friends I feed off. When I've had enough I find a sustaining for years. Then cast among the common. Suicide by drink to create a place in Heaven for us.

400AD - Civil war. The resulting monarchy. Then Greater Antilles War 1000AD. Jamaica. Whatever fight is left arrive by ghost ship. Wash up on shore. Some storm like slavery. Spook in the mix. Get around Jonsburg and all could be lost. Constant fight right up until American Civil War. All the while export wine and wood. Infamy Banton advantage. From the beginning up to Bolivar. Younger boy should avoid the woman. When the King's men on the edge of the woods for interloper. Sinister same Capitol city. To be sure it stands against colonial slavery trading. Find him with the girl child and beat him in the open. Tend garden when older boy play at warring. Monument to his ascent. His bent. Prowess. Exquisite relief Marguerite. Ten years gone Marguerite say madness pass on. End of Banton.
Dreamer of dreams grand and exotic. Provenance the effect on it's subject. Ever prescient my stolid gaze. Carnival of queer. Paradox. Talk of catamount stalk behest the crown. Body of water. Pool of sweat. Sheen of slaver. Things unsaid. Discern my antagonist. Partisan advocate.

So it start charge the grounds with torch. Pitchfork. Vivid at resurrect. Bring his man and caravan. Whether believe what you see. Spectacle march on the palace. Visage of old bones. red eyed women. Were it not for said house burning and girl child concerned. Ever so often tacit have at it. Set Sekkou to let him from his tomb. Hunger immeasurable for her. Election 1675. Northeast territory and run out of town. Hardened man about next decade to rogue killers pick up the gun. When they many in numbers. Quick come Gendarme but late. Send his man ahead. Strong man if you like. Bit of warning: send the girl outside. Great chase to the "Point." If you believe what you see. Man of the hour. Grand Ball and I'm aroused when they are ash. I set free my beast. Rottweiler. Grand Tower. The horrors and woman before. This apartment. Could be week or weekend however long to conceive. Trip over one another to breathe. The lift bring us to black door. If not bed bug, lonely. Then come to her senses. Her quarry leave week or weekend however long to conceive.

Some unholy war. The ugliness has started and vamp about. Bloody things visited upon the house. Black door distinct. Exposed brick surround the lift. She's screaming demon or sweet nothings. Trust me I don't break her back. Her people Buena Park. Some unholy war. Collateral such they triage. Matters to you then the brooding and to stir it up. The speaks and the clubs. The bluster and a mic. Say I push aside what order of Loyola what before she keep to herself. Particulars rolled into leaves of paper. Prize like she say the crossed sides. Upon the plains preponderance of of girl child. Border states coven. Talk of far away place as ever preservation it get to mad dash to pyre light the miles. Closer ever squire Grand Island. To everything a beginning. Brick and fists. Horrors accede warrior fancy. Waterford and Port Moore. The beast sinewy feast on the meek. With the cliffs and the beast with his ships. Death in battle loss of crest. Come and slavery and the Spanish.

Bad Actors (Salon) Dare not guffaw she is at my mouth. The night for she come under me. Bad actors say spread her out the master chamber. Harrowing bounce along the road to campus. She salon without panties on. Pink ---- her cosmopolitan for we are informal. With your boisterous before I'm in your favor. Fatty meats between neighbor. Particular spoils once picked over. One for monuments so I don't shame her. All the ways she salon aint territory I haven't one. She is bend don't break save herself for something. She hover over over some edge. As for the roughhousing cease that. Wickedness abide but set her seasons. Determination that we are together. It fall down like curl around her feet. Sentimental as to be careful what you say to me. Introduce the thing into the narrative. The boys play slow blues. Her innards spill out like to kill her. She's worldly girl. She find me whatever earth. Say a verse to perplex her. “Wish you were here.” Say it twice like twice as nice. Feels good so go again. Could be she's sentimental. She hold it for me there. Imagine it come down hill. Set the ---- and she's all in.

I her prince with name of Kings. They're Banton. To Providence our loves. My mother Marguerite. My father Wralston. Sinhue wife of Bolivar. My Marla she don't come. I'd been Darby. Run for our lives. My man Sekkou.  Mob of them once mollify the beast but call Gendarme on me. They surround, now hardened with clubs or cut us of a mind. What share of road side cold blood.
The District and across, Patagonia. He doff it and she get to critique his vineyard. Wretch her better self. But Water Street see case of rivals. Duchess as much as play the part. Patagonia and we're alone get right to critique vineyard. She spit until all of it. Tell it how to it. Thin with the garments. But with the cats. Want it so we are alone. The sweet sweet. Her beast unlikely par.
Says as much and send her love. Her waifish wade all in. With her guile tell her say relax.
That get up close. She's household. Proffer seasons real time. Sentimental method red October. Subsequent many moons over ever ready cue that will do.

Figure of a man with limb and living as life like. Who would have it? Undistinguished passion suicide by drink. Leave no trace but pall. Love d, if ever don't remember so good. Dream myself into things. Aimless same and similar my pet. Wasn't so she'd part her legs. Wasn't no distinction for posterity. Lo these months consider darker features. Whatever shake and there declare for autumn. Sepia toned period drama. Further tenure ever session.

Two men in a bar. Onslaught rain. Thunder louder shake the place. "they want you back." An old woman say. Lights come on again. Gone them. Don't look them in the eyes. Or accept their wine. They go and hug their wives. Screams from Carroll street. Squatters for the night. Slavery come Jamaica disturb the nest. From first ship land Vincennes, Providence. The crew dead. Stowaways escape into the woods.
They moved to California or some such. Previous owners are dead. Carroll street/Surf Street dead end. They gather now after warring. Port Royal, Jamaica. They come ever darkness. It was party started long before. Blood and vex. Drug and sex. They en mass cross the sea to plant flag.

Royals have Raven. The God's pagan little haven. There be mood in the region. Somehow I become him. My schooling and work as certified liar. With eyes on the prize. A certain point I belabor to make all the more ardent she is walking away. My words echo in the small space. She does an about face. Removed my hat and suit jacket. I've started wearing I'd seen you last. "I'm educated now." She laugh at that. She want pretty things. City boys for that. A suddenly concerned and conservative populace. Given to petty victor. Me Mr. Bojangles lonely figure. I'd kept it torrid just so some hopeful heart of stone. The end to ---- get like prose.
Some creature feature streets unrest. Come unto me in part ways I'm staid. Inside fat of the thing. It'd be matter of sides for I tremble needless. It reads gone girl. I one and the same. However instigate bedlam. Some slender man from me beatitudes. Read gone girl. Red eyed dread. Flash point cast me broken. Some war stance. I am for the girl. Caught up red October. Of consort, bonfire, time less. I Milo. Heaven do resurrect. There are maggots and things frightening. Five years might be I'm in the city. Fit for better times. I've no money. I don't know so I don't go. The darkness pervades it. Five years metropolitan. Some understanding fort night romantic.
Fates what they are. Like heavy weight. Might be you watch what you say. Bloody biting frightening. Not seen the Raven though warning come on. Distemper better inside the eye. Some fortnight romantic. Climate siren might be it is as I tell you. Self righteous game on. Shot call it thumb up countess. So vogue and sweet on it. I'm old soldier bird her like I was one. Could be she relish when it started garden party. Otherwise winter weary wither wind through window blow. Neither eager. Needful things.I would let you down. Wedded blessed vision she don't come. Fates what they are. Colonial tell of decades war. Feature of such night mare. Like fire for me. I'd not have her but conspire for me. And been told urban legend. I am a man of method. One and same for who know me. Really though. Provoke head of state. Noble once to social animal. Twice my humble vice. And there you are. whatever shake she cheeky sweet. Said as much back at me. Traverse campus. Well belle for keep.

The wither in her tip her spill. Set her vigor one me. See ennobled this pick of honey. Know me steady get like ready ready. She hold for me long time. Know like I know classic dark starring. Need for mortal foil. She'll not sire but happenstance what nightmare prior. See me at it like slave quarters sporting plantation. I know bygone long time who don't hold to mine. So fir soul searching play keep away. However passionate bloke road weary make for... To the high minded finery carnivorous populace. I so introspect my styling. She brazen window calling. As ready guile no such protest my profile. At her driver like get to next life. Some upper quarter dormitory. Set to corner her this is your Paris. So goes nocturne. I am familiar weekend wars. That she had anything for me charged to some wilder form of art. Seems capable fellow as I'd written it to the uniform.
Mutiny devise the killer. I stand alone. The sins of them. Consensus, toy soldiers. About the courtyard. Hung by the neck until dead. However ally say save the brand. With her sentimental feel as steel I am shooter straight up. Consensus bad actor. I am such a man. However ally say save the brand. Conditions what they are, say Bully Boxer catch sight the north star. Some fortitude to spar until morning. she succumb to sub/dom. She twist at it. As ever member of mine. Wash over her saliva. Sticky finger folds. I don't make love. And so make for consent. It pours from her. Stamp her cloth. Emboldened many fold. My crooked letter all told. It pours from her. Mighty might, she talk up. Tend her lovers stalk. Succumb to sub/dom. I don't make love. Mutiny devise the killer. Wicked quote the hangman. Bully Boxer say catch sight the north star. As firm hand felled her kept my place. Never were I inhumane. Though would I erupt. I am shooter straight up. Consensus bad actor. I am such a man. However ally say save the brand. About the courtyard the sins of them. Hung by the head until dead.
Absorb the force this side of dark skin. I beg your pardon. Caught up for warmer ruin her. Winter weary darker berry south. It get to berry burst vocal report about the folds of good humor. There now love her. Customary as street sounds to melancholy get so she accept my version. She taunt me in wanting. I kissed the girl like close my eyes. Say Hyde Park woman. Kissed her for it's long coming Drexel. about her lips to her linger. It i thrice like come alive, red wine Cedars. By the weather be damned I point it menacing consider it like scout. My salute and she sing out. Chivalrous and the likewise. Seek the civilized and might be I leave the city. Though I be gentry she is thinned skinned. It cause her things. Quite the thing to barter I chat her up. Top of the morning her dander up. Arrive to nocturne piped in chambers. Mania at once a load on my breast. She aint thinking about me now. So I'm angry, combative. Behave as I'd marry again. She focus the thing right at me.

Bedlamite – Store front restaurant. Salon. The boulevard heavy heady souls. I am bedlam and heart boys. My fame further than what lineage could. The girl, say greater good. Conflagration this night. The mother pleads for the god's have spite. Send the girl outside. Road as rugged with rogue for I am bedlam. Alright then so inspire to your prior credit. Represent tell all. Bask in it. Sweat on my Mr. Mention. Wicked sixes. Propose imperial my dripping knife. As much proof of life. Come aboard your fortune like combustible moonlit swooning to the man I've been. Press her over things like she don't know. She with sweet water over rose of war. I dream lover for book end revolutionary. Note the hours provident as aftermath. I straight up like six. Hardly maudlin relish sloppy sweet water. My eye for classic palpitate whole hearted. Profile ever second son. Whatever with it she is woman. She tight up for mine. Press flesh old viper. Black as black knight rider. Naught ill will. She under estimate thrill kill. Suicide by drink. My self despise lonely have no children. Take to page I Milo. Fates say I were mad hat. Furies too vindict cherubim. Bring her trinkets cease boredom. Sunday best for prelude Ravenswood neighborhood. Sun down town. Task to burn it down. Revelers bedevil. My turn at them like exception let her tell it and she were ready. But heavy this. Say “Devil's Night” since I've been it some unjust for sure be warned. She's black widow though. Treat her number one. Expect my dreaded all things. My member ply it with generous lightning twist up. Mad dash to rid of common thread all quarters. Behave the waterfront Svengali. Ravenswood neighborhood.

Done my time in waiting. Some legged erstwhile. If you were mine cards say carry on. At her Pandora eyes wide open. Willing do if more like you. Appearance of good times. Regress to corners suffer in silence. Into the rabbit hole fitting just so. Parsed of beads of sweat. Tug at it swelled head. Approach her ready stoned. Think of me latter years or so the last times. Root 'bout Missouri border vampire. Eventually four.

Vagabond root 'bout garments right out. So spree then ease off. Not for nothing then peel off. Enlightened modest potential have I shouting wind. I am given to vision. As she the vital arts. Horrors at it wholly engross for suckle bulbous ever evil. Proffer Milo, social animal. Fortunate to talk my way in. Haughty folk and cocaine. Dirty smoke forewarned. I'm steady fellow throughout. Common thread sporting hardcore. Get like member recognize ought call midwife. Well spring so I formidable. Trumpet it so fixture stricture good for exhibition. Witness her dead center. Come on sweet as needful things. Dressed for when her spring it touches everything. Were she with me... Provide circuit Ariadne. When time again I'm like this. Fit to be tied up. If you like she's fired up. Progressive man like blue blood lover doting Joliet. All fall down. And for effect some ever spoil. I am a bachelor for all intention. Bump her my Mr. Mention. Shooting stars come on filthy water better for it. Likely equal seekers. Jealous like I don't need her. Further second son. I fuck the hydra for specimen. She with her breasts. Must be established man. City labyrinth whatever life endearing tell. Take to chronicle fortune. Last I journaled from her letters her best girlfriends men.. Tale of many loves thoughtful swing of limbs. I'm for spirits but they keep secrets. However focused I sycophant. Once feasted, bathe in resin. The black to the wash of the day. For she engaged me some haphazard random that is she come unrepentant. It is shrew.

What am I exactly? I opportune visage outstanding young man. If I were vamp is for vengeance exhilarate and only then as comfort feed. Come unto me for repute I'm good on that. What I am than what you see evidently you like me or some like more righteous. I'm no righteous man. I do alright you understand. Could be a spell with my lonesome until hatred come bile. Been sometime since with the woman and come of age girl child. However man come and there are sons, her scattered things in paupers yard. Headstone. Never know like me wrest her virgin. She once hardened they need guns.

A beast cannot be trusted. She lay with her eyes closed to collect herself. Her blouse. Her dress a mess. She got what she came for. Spots. Dots on a black background. Giving up the ghost. Her arms flung back to the head of the bed. Feeling like she's melting into the bed. Warm and tossed about. Much of herself has leaked out. Her eyes opened wide to the beast moments before inside her. Lifted. Arched off the bed. Flying it seemed dying it seems. Little regard for the physical form.

Like she'd know he'd done this to the Robinson woman. She trapped the beast. Handcuffed him and beat him. Then left him for dead on the street. Continue to call to him after that. Heavy on the wine she don't fight.

Sinister kingdom and its reaches. It's God's to peace keepers. Urban legend abound. I legend now. From Water street to Ravenswood neighborhood, Albemarle. Grand Apartments. I could eat you alive. However sweet consider you wipe away memory of it. A damp cloth. Upper floor lavatory. Suppose I haven't a heart but her bested catch her death. In the dark, voices insular. Best intentions to an end. Leave a location best than went in. Treat her like a woman and it goes to her head. Bent by some vision she don't get out of bed. Take up space and all traces view. Make for me mouthful. Ready heat and heart behaves for me see I don't sleep alone. Get the best will do. You pull your gown back down.

Witness she do quiver endless in number. Per usual undress she come unto me. For sure connoisseur. Abide her close up. Each in her bed chamber. Visage wench. Provide her fortnight demon. Greetings seasons under best of skies for needful things. Reprise sweet piece without ebb. So it go. Is delicate. Like I don't know. For sure connoisseur.

Palm trees and paradise. The sea. Drive top down with the girls look at me. Cliffs of Mondragon to the valley. Whatever exotica see she parasol and all. Albemarle. Salon what got up her gown about district. Vineyards west. Camelot County. Balmy does sure 'nough what it will. Wish for Witch Doctor morning.

Master Clash. So we bedside studio apartment climax and all eyes she achieve that. They await Master Clash. With the street noise distracted. Shuffling feet to see closer. Shaken by the elevated. Bottles of wine in the space. Dakin Street. 'Round the clock. Actors get on. I am a man down on his luck. On the subway chat her up. Reflection into the black window talk back. Bloke be about her legs. Blow kisses at me. I nod my head. For such production provide NAAN. She say my man could come home any moment. Genesis of the sun play out on tenement like egg yolk. Large windows and blinds. A large bed and folding chairs. Claw foot tub. Tile and sink. Mirror. Kitchenette. Props and pamphlet. All academic with theme. With the gritty and the back stories. And natural lighting for the time being when day light. Then death of the sun. Colors yellow and red. Passions leak out on the bed. It never translate as written. Virility of personage. She Suma Cum Laude.

As if the Goddess Sofia herself. She is to the fool. She suffer me story time. Listen every story of mine. Spin as quickly come to mind. They are conundrum. The hypothetical to I Milo. She bring the vintage sit with me. The noir to my story. Mine eyes delight to glory show me. Hypothetical to I milo. Beg forgive my robust. She ever pure. This black art and second floor dormitory. Say I manna they come unto me. Murder of crows or den of them in my image visage wench. Steady at me I don't bend. Just as quick gone them. It be 1900 and whim about the woods. She well with nymph. I've not been invited. Band of cellar dwellers caucus. She'll not stop him. Would you admire what we conspire this days of grays? It be seasons recess accordance her office. Cellar dweller caucus. Barrington Woods. 1910 is all in might be she like me. I've not been invited of Duchess in great house. My people from trees in league about for turned out rogue. You would admire what we conspire these days of grays.

They're at the point and like before they'd kill her than see her with me. See what she want see look at me. A force of myself but at first glance understated.
He is, “where have you been?” It is about gloaming and you're golden. At university I'm holding. Like heavy strange I'm lone wolf. For arrest loneliness tell him where you've been. I could best him stab like Master Banton night immemorial.

I write poetry but you deny me sweet. I be noblest. When eye on deny me this. It is love. Were I prize the dusty blinds and dead flies. Smell of piss. Pretty as all this tell her I've been lore. Up in the tower by score. I am your father's premonition. Make for nymph ancient city. What birth me with the vex what left for wife? There girl child she live to see to it rebuild. See to towns from this height. Bleed me slowly like one and only. Like take flight. My solitude without muse. How frightened my nirvana parsing wish and wonder. Like she want from. Love as written smitten one to another. There are like me. Seasons sweet and gone I was young. What lonely turn obsession enough I weren't so helpless left to mine desires. I love the likes of you. Perhaps humanity as shown me it is no life. Whatever kindness for suffer me tables turn. Ever dark like we dark skin. We as dark predilection. There are like me. Savor sight her black ass. Count is rising I pull out bloody. For heavy mine measure bold as life. I fed her fatty foods rich for winter coast is thicker. Serve her game hen reward acquaintance. But kill her must up and down Broadway street know it. Take fast car grind past uptown. Set my animal on environs. Back of me effigy. Streets overwhelm smell of pu**y Camelot County.

There will be war. Europe be Nazi 1934. Grand Island archipelago gone Banton to Franco. No Axis Powers. To end all wars. The Americans throw in. Come back band of brothers. At their best congress of fear. Murder this family business. South Village Theater. Their part by encore men meet demise would they get out of the country alive? As if my secreta is golden. Tempestuous waters at theater doors. Put it to the spotlight without cover. Do the same to my lover. It play South Village stage. Say Master Clash. Then mainland milieu. Rowdy as they are. They shoot up the place. Family business this murder.

She's in middle of screaming demon. End of the hall with her. Said Anyon's in house. Red eyes red with her, Broadway Boutique confidential. Friendly were we cup her bosom. It isn't love but tarry Anyon. He's with the club. She says he see Natalie. She taken to gun him.With the vexing comrade get to besting comrade. Room to this exotic. I am the contempt. I am nights regent. And Ruby there for like me. It be the times and rival them. They don't go but Ruby say so. Could be I get her voyeur up. She don't know that man. Straight forward your regard or fall on your poniard. There is privilege involved your secrets spread like smoke signal. Thrill seekers have the building surrounded. The lady of the house set loose the hounds in the morning. Your stiff chin when they're at your clothing. Count your money when your all points. The clan have boys like they're warring. How you abide he vex I go for your best girlfriend. Ravenswood neighborhood. What started midwife go run for your life. They get in and out as they might. They throw stone for get back. Task to burn it say numbness for sound. The King's men outskirts of town. The slum and the old woman she sit on large bills. So burn it 'round her thrill killers.
She come five years at once lap at you. Room to exotic I taste it on you. What to do with that? I'm hands on. Make time for that. She do crew she's true on that. Is her shoulders, I'm head on that. Ready steady vex. Said he work you right 'round his man oversee on that. They throw stone as get back. It's bloody diamonds 1929. You cause me this. The end of it pointed soul control. So mind her thirsty with mine swollen. Good for sojourn cross borders I've got time. The wider world is grand sepulcher. I live it down. She dream girl abrupt wake up so I'm lonesome. Business end of drink and sedative. A always the inn when the real kick in. Me I'm master key her back to it. Some slender man figure as to block out the sun. It were mental dissolve I dictate bedlam. My ego combustible patience fail me. Ravenswood neighborhood. 
Tilly the younger come because Cassandra the darker offer pair. What started Salvation Army party. Get beneath the water say we socialize. Albemarle sun put a man at size. Subsequent coronation Dance hall King. A tart one arm to the next. Then everyone for themselves. Still the Grand Apartments. My animal silent stalk. Some danger she set up a growl. A day for all saints make for higher ground. Then high waves lash the shore. Get about west central. Cool it now. Until rise up time again. I am legend red eye selfish. Time it take get 'bout mainland Providence. The vex find spook likely survivors massive breach and debris field reach near west central territories. Including human carcass. What hunkered down when it were torrent. Then full on bloody thing and it would so many things cover up. When the vex get her back up. When I didn't ready come. Some red October. Past torrent to flood. Told walk to the center different carriage but I waiting for render helpless. Tame to tramp. The vex is when which one of them. Forever young one to another. Eyes red. I am not for sympathetic figure for mourning cautionary hardly. As much loved and lost. To relive the first precious. You come for me whichever bias. We're life long like Babylon. This blessed vex she no sympathetic.

Where I night crawler but darkness it burns. I am at the inn and long sleeves. Black ensemble like living dead. They sweep for creep. Scream of terror your boutique sleep. Street noise drowning. Crisscross the floor. She piss herself like she don't know. How she salon. Amazed my vigor how many times I'd said it then act like she aint ready. Anniversary of sort glory sporting. With her gravity fill out layers. Go for large favor like I have eyes. Signature carry with her hips are wide. Child bearing set the sides her life in mine hands. If only old times I've found again to tamp down my aggress. I am swollen say Dame Lucille. Perhaps I arrogant to consider bigger things. Get around The District and kill a Royal some red October trigger coup. The mainland overcome by storm. Call the High Priest all you want. The nights of vex then a cool for a time. How far into the noir we are, raven know how. Where there are none black bird, come colder months. Red eyes red with the girls them know I'm coming. I take to dreams prefer pleasing both of us. Slight disrupt in your dress. A sibling in her stead. Fly in fly out again. As to my letters commonality in my ken. Talk of seasons mad and cast about depictions in the raw. No shame in it. Pick myself up without word for it native tongue. If not maiden intended a maiden in waiting. No shame in it. Word to the matriarch. I will return at dark. Then send my man for her things. The disjointed Nashua Point and the like minded put fire to the Bedlamite. Even the Queen speak ill of her son. There be word for it native tongue. I am the vex.

Winners Circle. Will she wait my love or she Juliet to mains stage Romeo. Ruben don't take to it like she like. Direct not. I drive for Jonsburg. White double naught roadster. I superior were she waiting for me. Road course sprint to Camelot. I spin out and and she's on South Village monologue. We speed of life. I am around Delmar. The double naught is on fire. She don't wait say Mcdonough County, Illinois. All the accolade United States. Chase her director across the North American continent. Come on strong and so declare the press: “the Driver and his actress. She is very fine. She is Mary this time. Mary play along. Crack up around Columbia Mary is gone. Perhaps grievance that my work is less par. I were executive and my communiqué say: dear sir or madam. You will rue the day. I take the exit to the street followed by the top man. Collective gasp at the administration to the detail of your woman. Well she moonlight. She touch my knee like I don't know. We talk about Oakley street used to be trattoria. Seventeen floors to the place below. Flat on my face. Pick myself up and dust myself off. It is to my honor. I well into the drink already. Solemn day she sent me away. Lead with the chin my haughty position. It does not pay to be contrarian. Eat on it or comfortably sleep on it. No lover besides coldest sleep that.

I university tarry to marry and fell out of favor with subsequent subordinate. Leave me seek further poly amorous. By nature latter years of my existence single simple paramour but talented. As since university Mcdounough county bounty pride. And states around for my styling. Like Monmouth particular isolate. Require driver seek my seed. Regarded manna but martyred miscarriage. Braggart still to be sure my fill. Say variety thrill kill for lusty come up. I am the vex.

She don’t blink mine back stab her ready velvet. Same is kiss of death. Parse her Hyde Park range war. Mine is tell is but civil drone on brave bird. Solid gold is prime hour swoll. She don’t blink ennoble end second skin. She cry for die for. March Babylon Play bill propaganda grand stand humanities.

So first come headways fauna. I’m yours monster. First order your inestimable ardor. Festival is open door Mc Donough County, Illinois. Some great shakes courageous. Doth the raven astride yours. I am in yours house headways Recreation Drive contenders been ever inestimable ardor. Carriage into space.

Bed chamber torture same. Over garden stretch old bones. Been time enough love. And she muddy water pose on. Throw in as charmed like before your tender mercies. Always the birds. Is unseasonable, sweat on her. The rest saliva. Kenwood alike high end kiss and tell. This Babylon bring tidy bird. Say bold and bright. All the best ritual. Mine is sea side drunken death spiral. Let her tell it she is pride of… Menace second wind I don’t make it up. Tidy bird like she know Camelot. She is for me.

Days of rain and flooded bloody. Give me money. Sidewalk stalker grab her girl child. Mine sublime is out of time. Like ’94 when bandidos hold court. And Angel of Dakin say none virtue. But jumper from tete –a-tete for careless by mine threads her bed chamber. Proof my tool regard her harder than. Is sunny days grave and trade of nights to shake mine suggestive for pound and pence.

Say mercy me Harvard Terrace. Pick at her further. She’s off campus. She hold at mine blue light tempest. Is like ’97, mine gristle and spire. Eyes wide slice her silken be sanctuary.
Cellar dwellers for a time this enterprise is size me up. She’s white lightning like ’99. She trail the blue line. Letters say she await mine sublime. Her scarlet undergarment is good turn. Emerge the yard to swooners mid afternoon coitus. Double dosage and the suite. Overlook the yard and cobbled streets. Were we fervent. Plush. City men envious. As I am say man enough. Call at me just such sanctuary.

Mine aggress treat her noble. Mine sapient can’t tell me nothing. The flicker a fort night. The glory be spot of skin. Run tell that when next you’re company. But dot the kingdom. Said character one end Sheridan road. She don’t but usually wary a bligh. Run tell that cross campus. She front me even all aura.  For your part festive Youngstown. Within the throng enveloped, taunting time of night. Your fight is showing. When is done is crash and burn. She tell it was consent second time up. She don’t see it but last minute grasp at me. Her pregnant make three. So St. Lou’ bad seed what have you. Thus have I maintained the personage. The great danger. The mood as it stood mine own time. Efforts be, none infamy. But infamy see me and hold to was mine town. It is fear mine relevance. I revel indelicate breeding stock. Chambers such of demimonde. Begat before and after. Retrospect collect deep water.

Throw dignity from the bridge. I come across Trojan horse. Just so I’m on the inside. I am your creature feature corner shadow. I do things in good staid. The precious get me. She know mine to the vein. Much as seed it up. Expect I keep it up. I’m solid state. Leave her troll Hyde Park. I’m stand up. Thick for wester wind. I am your creature feature corner shadow.

In good staid. The precious got me. So right out swell mine relevance. Noir if you please. Bridge figure cast the river dignified. Winter on him. Back door spook private stalk. Some slender recognize I’m solid state. Try as you might avoid scandal I am by mine arrogance. Doin’s average bloke. So make it known I hit the gaps. Wouldn’t think me of it drive it over don’t you know? When choose sides I’m ready to go. You and I can be so and so. I am smitten and I don’t go slow. Let her tell it I don’t kiss her neck. Suspect she goes dry. When at swell am apple of her eye. Come twelve bells aggress is mine. Cause me this and her tell is the raw. Her tight upside. Come to rest against. Best of, say legacy think of. Tell her pretty as picture and killer is mine love. Dare not tell from you what from lips make of cause celebre. Pretty is liberty sweet on her. City proper is denizen of well intended for the sights. Treat her leap year. Like the last man am I consort. Leave me to feel for single vein of damsel sure. Intrigue will out. Single outlet she bottom out. The bed clothes absorb the sweat. All the gentile I could muster. And when they’re none, there’s none bluster. See ‘bout this like signature. “You are winning.”

Mine blind eye when if love again. For sure spent up I am your vex. Lonely only before and since. Think back door man. Into the mix again for sporting Monmouth bridge Quincy strain. In and out county. She is princess signature redux. I’m healthy and she’s well up. If spook is character through give way villain. Will I go blind sake Providence when if love not allow such. Give up on me for lose touch. Give back is powerful. See I’ve only come since morning as repute is long on can do. Like straight up staged foreplay. It’s real time. But leave it to me. Only moment of weakness and for a hint. Mine benefit. Her breasts are fulsome. I’m at her sheer. Some like Amazon and she stand like say it once. Straight up staged foreplay. Say mine is overdue. Cast her high esteem leave to me for white walls and corridor sure as well storehouse. Should you bleed. Is easy first floor and dispense her shrillest. Lower levels with the shock and the botulinum toxin. Her breasts are fulsome. Talk mine benefit. Expect I’m stand up like tell it once. Calling all agents however got on our days. Now converge were I soul in the hole. Begin and end Katherine. In lieu of flowers and blue light moonlight humble. Be like ’97. Mine is dead center. Man of habit of fools gambit. The shift tectonics she’s in on it. Like ’98 last face on it. Be my suite make haste on it. Walk it back no taste for it. Still at it set place for it. Without within the violence. She’d have it so even been a while I was Chicago. All my friends and the cross campus they add on companion. I should’ve finished you without second thought. Nip at yours. You pour wine into mine glass. Crystal Beach secrets. She wants from running from the ball. Guests for favors. And so stabbings. Kill her or richer for kill for. And so betrayed already baited Isolde inside job. Go off with your head. Soon as through with you.
There will be bedlam. Beginning and end. Only the lonely. As bigger yet city center continue annex. Get lost what move about. Where difficult from lover’s arms. Fear is fear, alone. Bard to it and so come out when thirst will drive is bedlam. Spook populace bottom heavy. No devil to account but particular to fat regardless station. A hanging yet like epidemic is bloody October.

I am good for something. She come color blush. Welcome, run about as I was. Visage outstanding young man. I am good there, willing partner of all things. Promise nothing, love. Could be spell when hatred turn. I know like it was. I know when 63rd was kush. Up and down the yard. What wicked come? Try I keep my human. Love recede and laughter. Like last rites. For good intend dress for me dose of fetish close up. Think we fringes binge adrenaline. You already know. Get where I breathe on it. Leave to me sweet on it. Elder girl put me on it. Think much of me he people so it flow well spring. To the beast she bright as all that. Don’t stop me modesty. For elder girl walk in on it. And envy prowess over sweet spot. City circuit word on pavement. Don’t stop me modesty. I am animal at loyal foil with the good fight divine. Once broken in kink her spine. When she were mine and marry young. This classic dark like dime novels. Her hair splayed out as breathe easy sweet. Would I go blind I don’t see you? Doubt my love and I’ve suffered.

What I’ve got is royal. I’m proper bloke. I don’t go easy I feel to toast. She don’t deny me for it release the host. Pose for tight up one night Drexel. Taste of mud for a time like currency. Fortnight demon she already know. As once tenured with her hand me down finery. Around her Eden I’ve taken the University. When at the vex think of me best.

Threat of snow Ohio legged tender. She is swept up. Cabin fever to bloody mouth. Cool at me witching hour. Barefoot screaming demon. Trapped within agitant. Spook as she do. Some glory four story boutique. She know about me. Her back to it Master Blaster master key. She fits and starts to my devices but hardly tart. Her callow fresh ever tramp. Sweetest silhouette her black ass. Favor her in lieu some labor. Good graces personal space. Bring the house down.

Could be days for such swift and done with it. Tables turn and quick with your tricks. Crippled blizzard, drought none in none out. See like hinterland. Mine flat foot attempt be decent. I am no creep fleet decadence. Mine suicide seek relevance. By drink meantime. She’s weighty about the hips fine. Rooms do passers through cellar baths. Fit for work. And done with it. Prefer mine swift and done with it. Subject disdain. City college campaign. Master clash or master same. Broadway street then off again. Varied use woman.

A room for bookshelves. Smell of piss and cannabis. There are books and shoes. Hardly room gallant. She scream all she want. So mine animal arouse. She’s on the streets for creature fleet a foot suffer me only for the dog is faster than she run. Her nappy plume she come to my room. Then choked with girl child. Mine eye for them. For sure winter warning come high winds. Days of rage she with the broods what you portend seen it have I never sweeter. Face me down with it. Seems score and force with it. Good show go face up this love.

It is ‘21 when we’re young. Then gone ’27. ‘29 with the animal and she’s barking. ’36 rise of radical. Who to side? Europe in a tizzy. Proxy warring neighbor states. Then migrant strain and city of lights. Saboteurs and they fled or hung by the neck until dead.

Retaliate coalition, royal intelligentsia as black bird over all things. This Providence. The walking saints. They are for their wine like Quincy to cherubim. Catamount at night. She recognize stylings like beast with mine. She like second skin but resolute with grims of me. Ready runabout to keep with me. Do conspire higher plain. I’m no purported pure.

Her people under the stairs, her queer come out opioid. Get ‘round me don’t so paranoid. Summer dress to rural unkempt. Ever callow waifish thing. Pang come from under with drought we scout at high speed. Dry like over town. Coles County. She’s sable mane. Up from Cumberland. I am your nothing man. Your something for nothing stop fronting man.
I season her say so.

1935 has me near forty years old. Cold blooded the inn. Annexed about Sheffield like she don’t give me place for my coat. Appraise her taste, or else necessity call and I am in the foyer. Trains from Uptown. All manner of treat. She fleet afoot or caught up. They’re at the gates. I am cool to use the my time for the vex subside.

I am the vex. Your school yard obsess. See me like best evidence. A proper thumb and bottom out. See me bring the house down. By glance I am endowed. Brash as brash deign middle class. Whole time pine for tricks of mine. I’d done it like doing fine. What started mine hands I don’t spare her creature feature sweet her. Cast of them however casual mine animal she run her down. Lungs full of sea air her barely growl. About county Camelot. Best avoid second thought. Slender man figure on guard. Hanging courtyard.

She’s on for every dollar slip into the supple when for men with grip of dollar bills. Isolde is a doll. Ms. Feather come in on it take Patagonia by storm. She get a boy with a knife. Isolde scream for her life so he is at the villain; Behest Ms. Feather what of it Moulton? Cad as he was. Think like him is dangerous. Adrenaline and he’s at her petticoat. Caucus tell she piss herself.

Mine archetype thickset easy baleful. She bewitch and chain of ruin to wish she were mine. And mine right out she is woman. I am the bard that mine is unrequited she’s classic dark. Weight her affect as sun off glass reflect it is cold still.
To fast car and away with him. Water street is all stars. Business of state. Agitators in the gallery. Been since eighteenth century archipelago whole. British attempt rid of pagan. State department and French. Audacity equal these dark skinned people. They’re for rum through prohibition. Casino’s and Crystal beach.

Let her tell it however aggress in such fascination doings. Spartan Irving Park. All of King bed started first floor apartment. So the archetype is legged ready educated. Say I am in love so speak up. Built like hold up. She don’t think twice that’s what’s up. Expect I am man to it. Every arrogance she as much wrote it. This Eden ’37. Caught out by hired gun I am scourge of Camelot. Family business this murder. Pool resource remove the beast by force. The papers say, “Gone girl” and they are choice. Try as they avoid me. I am the vex. This Eden explode in violence. I am latest and greatest. I’m steady through it. Multiple shooters to it.

Was 1648 when Wralston Bolivar born as heir though infamy times. My father well on mad. My mother Marguerite at once well at his side. State celebrate she birth him a boy. Been since fall of Bolivar and but a decade old when his father was felled. The King again is mourned. Suspect the parliament of poisoning. She not marry until heads of perpetrators on stakes. She reign fifty years and still with the slaver’s. Heart hardened even to the boy. States willing advantage the chaos. Put people in chains. The God’s allow no such touch the mainland however slaver’s go to great pains. They get to shooting war on the seas. Cannon balls fall short. Barbarism for example of them would resist. Regard subversive of the crown. He a naval man pound for pound. With their fast ships and powerful guns. Helm the flagship Dario Franco. They many hours in counsel over scourge only worsen in their time. But for their love. They marry while her boy is chased from De Soto. She birth again a boy, long as he keep his corner.

In time eulogize him. Sight him still about. Dungeon or coven. Could be noble, Holy man. Village Elder. Whispers at it suggest night stalker. Take his life by firing squad. Then dig him up for blood on his mouth. They disappear all the same. Rush the grounds in frenzy is the way. Townspeople trample easy seventeenth century. Bewitched old world spirit. End to boredom sudden. I’ve not heir. Failure at such I could not dream myself to it. Seems as natural I could only admire. What I need muse inspire. Tell of them I do well. Some regard when meet again.

Bring up wave ever seen this state. Some recognition come to her face. There is a calling familiar, fruit of it. Chatter with you’re party to it. This business it happen to you. Try as they might to be Franco socialite. Settle schism, bang and boom. The flash consume the room. They’re Olazabal, Ambrose, Dubose. What deprave of Camelot. Shoot and burn. They’re, Port Royal and “request your performance Americus, Providence.” Never Mind the audience. In numbers carry guns. “Profit you that you are a duo. You secure your passage on and off the island.” There are pursuit high speed for bit of bewitch. A man is dead. He ejaculate for sure. Then secreted out of the building to fast car towards port. They are in league with her people. Say Ambrose. Seek sanctuary slave quarters Jester. Instead Elders burn it down. She like to over throw the order. Camelot. Vengeance leave them to the swamp. The melancholy change of seasons rains get to counting confederate.

I’m time and place. Old bones with her say city circuit. 1893 she know about me. Engage her play all fields. And so Maven. Yours is great divide. I’d done it by levels. Gaggle of them the raw. Say run of house and so plush is night’s end rival sibling. I am over said surface and doings. Come down thine grapevine is charms alarm. Said convergence and so bedlam know for effigy on the morrow.

Always time and place and spotlight. With song but nocturne play out. Get right in and they’re rapt scandal. Turn of day way out. Give me wink lazy way on up her grin. She haunt me certain. She with hips mine purpose leads stage front monologue. That is love. Theater space grace the pub facing Great Street. Second floor. Posters trumpet liquor stores and tour through Rockford. Always time and place say local brand. Glory be moment with me. Could be over look state street. Press up figures fixture. Streetlight.They’re rapt scandal play out. Turn of day splay out. All told prose. Deep seat intent laid there by hours. We do take care and set your book. Familiar sure, sweet through sing song dream you best ever. Always your face.

I started out soon after I discovered this power. Need only opportunity. Didn’t know my own strength. Big city or interstate. Rural location or towns with population less dense. Son of a man heavy hands. His brand on me. Mine hide is thick. Wisdom passed with fist. Distinction of passion. Mine confidence sometimes this power, the strength of it is the core. Before she she’s soured on it and she doesn’t want to be seen with me anymore. Between extended stretches of waiting. Make good use of my time loneliness plays tricks with the mind. What I’m talking about is love. Say, “what is it with you and that?” Is it why they don’t come back?

I’d gone into it for the blessing of the spirits but all they’ve done is keep the secrets to themselves leaving the pieces that don’t fit. Undeniable is the strength of it. I am amazed by the focus. I’ve become a sycophant. I used to have many friends. If I feasted on them just once I’d still be feeding. Make it twice and it would take me another lifetime. For tonight we bathe in the resin. The black of the room. The wash of the day. You lie down beside me and I count the hours you stay. I’ll make you breakfast in the morning if you don’t have to get away. This is love. “Why talk about that?” I guess that’s why they don’t come back.

For the moment however she engages by grace. Even to suggest, put forward how to dress. I prefer to keep things haphazard. Random. Catch her off guard. She won’t deny me she come for different thing. It manifest itself at university. She finds it in her heart to see to me. Shown the way by shrew. She and I become comfortable. She come striding unrepentant as she like. I am at the flashpoint. Charm alarm. Take me by the organ reverse course. Improvisation make legend of you. I go out and do what she taught me to. Act like I’ve got something coming to me. Kick in dopamine.

Is the avenues and garden. And club boys deep drivers sport. Is winner with it. Blast Master straight away. Free swinger. I am running base. Top Men strike into the good night. I’m your ever after set on course. I am Top Men I declare it. Catch her dress up and see me from the street is scout me. Yours is all well I declare it. Wear it go ‘round. Set me broth and main course come on love spell. Sweet talk it over the place. Is home field at our best we’re all star everything. Find me avenues diner then drive up Albemarle. Mine game such am running base where is ivy and high sky. I am under it. Say playing days.


Mine tap her vein. Turn her ‘bout, sweet her again. So feel me is shadow black. Suppose I come back. Been long time coming. Shooters ready I don’t run. Mine hurrah this unhumble something. I’ve been down.

Mine bed side manner, tugging is to soothe some further doing. I’m pusher sure, could be she’s killer. Pistol gripper 63rd. With hers all told. I am holding, right out. Yours press the flesh. Turn her ‘bout. Sweet her again. Think beholden mine spire magic Charlotte. I am pusher so you are prone is witching hour put on. So she write it all told violent. She’ll have partners about the hall though particular divergent aside. Consider East Lansing. She’s all hips and last she wrote me August, she’s found other outlet. It was summer she mouth the words. Laid for me driver side play. And mine red papers in case of question authentic. “B” girl nonetheless press for lifer. Suppose mine liking I’m pusher sure as mine tastemaker. Turn on knowing that she’s one. The likes of me unhumble something. I’ve been down. Mine hurrah right ‘round. I kiss the sky. To bed confederate for such why. There is vigor I spy. Come this far see like mine is North Star. Beholden is about to keep a man. It start so… far away. When put the phone down. Unceremonious though. Fuss over day’s labor. It do rain. I am at hers all told. I suppose I am in love. What a day that will be. I’m your familiar. Gold star status with fondness for me. Open door burlesque. I’m all the man. Yet dismiss mine. Old time cipher. It do rain. So go far away. Make myself great return. Fuss over the day’s labor. Boasting I’m holding. Spill out contain. Tumble into the sitting room all told. I am your familiar.

Leave me make busy. Course about of girl child and come others for gaiety over the ire of overseer. Mine pick of horses touring. Come unto me. I’m city boy know jargon. So it start. So I am pusher you could imagine. So introduce the environ like bred for corner. See to conception then send her back. See your holding so put it I could speak for it. Treat her bend the grounds to venture what you’re taste. I am pusher. Admit Lady Killer. Imagine all of the bluster fuss when he’s dead. Naturally take up mine homestead. Such is rebel yell is motive. Suppose I come back. I do declare the estate by mine appearance. She know like me of coat of arms. Suppose by then is tell. Summer club love and pool of us youngsters yet to reach apex.

Associate gentle sex is solstice slow motion fury. Girl Friday. Summer dress is tell. Right out. Doings like spread out. Throw shadow, I know other window. Mine is stark as vintage dark skin. Wash of linen, surface wind. So she’s talent. For all that darkness is youngsters yet to reach apex. Summer club love and the vex, Mine grasp at gentle sex is solstice slow motion fury. Girl Friday. Report presence in the house at night to the lady of the house. Voice in her room. There is laughter in winter months. She don’t encourage him or turn him from the grounds. Barrington Forest fortune run about. Keeper feel the beast in shadow. Laughter Master Bedroom. Rogue, Lobo square up alpha Male and his braves. Connect be as need be. Don’t so much see beast as revelry. Is understood bed side culture, countrywide. Much of state. Needs be met recess business of state. By train her district and wait. Feted by many Water Street. There is sweet between us. Duchess. Rogue Lobo square up Alpha Male and his braves. Suppose say aggress like before. Perhaps channel delight the likes of me for pleasure. Warmth through the hours brave bird. She don’t kiss and tell. No matter Georgia. We’re in the raw. By morning thrice do me this. I propose aggress like before. Sentiment needless only role play. “I am life.” Hyde Park bird Providence. However project yours loneliness. Could be dance around the hearth or other men. Don’t kiss or tell. Haberdasher and apprentice shop around. Or salon mine stay hard. Association is party discourse. See I am full throat blue light calling. I sweet her and by morning thrice. You do me this.

Old Dog

Damned if she didn’t and did like home. So she would and told me so. She bed tempest long holding. Two meant function do over patron. There are those archipelago ‘round. Some supposed thy will be done. Damned if she didn’t, like warning, himself day one. I am ever second son. The casual eye to the butcher the black door is mine. Upper storey and courting gown. Domestic cast off lesser garb. For hers shooting war. As such torrid it be life but sudden by damned she’s coming. There are those archipelago ‘round. Thy will be done.

Them don’t hear back a yard. Him gone a foreign without so much as a dollar send back. I’m in the city and can’t get out. Them find mine room is flies. The black door is mine. Is dusty ghosted love. Sweaty heavy high hopes. Is the drink I die slow. Descent is chronicle. I Milo. Route about seaside thoroughfares. Either end the streets run together. Bleed high rise. Above Montrose they flow Sunnyside. Inbred set uptown. Quiet as kept somnambulist. Catch her Hazel Street and I’m Jekyll. She border towner Buena park. Think she franchise. City center and Broadway street. Crest is Clark street. Cemetery stretch Fremont. Mine collector like her vary sides and said arts.

They are bulls and said involved. Is skin but dressing summer underwear. Unabashed say I play rook. Sure as old school turn of game. Controlled environ sing out. Nirvana within without, you do me this. The north side bride Frankenstein’s monster. Dress as dress as underground, harbor killer. Climes for hatred I play knight then as quick as trick is hangman. Mine instrument to light is sharp said arts. Strike her full throat sing out. I am as rated within without. Given over thick headed obsess is single figure mattress.

Well spotted hour of power. Boys curious worrisome deluge. Times short by morning prayers. Rain come and they’re players. Good use loose motive and made men. Curious. I’m old dog. Short timer make off. Meantime I Galahad. Muddy pitch is victory march. She hold charms alarm. Her back on it like fill the room up. Mine bonanza she build up thrill killer. Set for destruction. Secure rest. For sure bit of self or more. See reverie Broadway Street and points west. They’re killing Christians Halsted. Setting self destruct there be blood. About the levels to bedevil the inn. And hung by the neck until dead. See night man for lodging. Master’s Key’s she’s ready. How they find her just so. Come alone Calif. And don’t screaming demon cross courtyard echo. For sure bit of self or more. Demonstrate your appreciate naught is free. She fat and lope legged. She know skin’s the thing. She swollen true to form you already know.*

Were I you, what we do in the happenstance. I would feast and feast. Never tire. Carcasses we leave, we leave town. A town before territory now. Set upon the state for fit to devour. Trickle down to change in power. Were I you and fire at our heels find one mans anguish set other free. Worlds between us when Top Men put motive, whim. No one likes be forgotten.

She isn’t thrilled such union. But civil war and strife. See right away. Man in wanting until she tires. Picked up second son. Him strange ways show affection. Let them tell it he can’t focus his gun. Oh he can focus it at his Pater and his chatty woman. Brother dog too big to put fist to and trains his eyes when discourse. And take up sides. Elders worked up if territories aren’t divided right. They don’t like stranger danger distract when go for the gun. It’s the towns that take action before the King’s men bring an end. Suddenly she is heroine to ancients who know nothing but conflict and generations of men don’t know what shooting at. But they shooting back.


(18)’65 the accord signed Montrose. About end American Civil War as end hostility for state invaders. Port Royal likely. Escape enslaver southward. Mainland archipelago. Vamps they are. Find way make day walkers said vamps. Scientist. War since 5th century set monarchy Banton throne. Annum 1200 plus rule before double cross and Marguerite is dead 1700. Accord make it murder taken vamp. Dartanyan put siren song do ears bleed or free from clutches. Live life like common is day’s weight of the world. Nights hide discomfort. I see none happy. Head down hurry. Head up stuck up. Those do smile afford and more.
Gendarme, foot soldier. Heavy handed Eden since segregate is simple minded. I’m since ’30, ramshackle state of things. Love is bigger than 40 ward overflow high minded great white. Pose as mighty like. Retreat due south as do likely integrate of types. Drexel tight up grip sequel (19)’36.
65 supposed equalizer. “66 made whole archipelago. Albany. Trancoso. The Grand is all Franco. Bedeviled black bird colonialists. Since cease slavery high seas opportunists fast ships. Still Jamaica. Since begat was Jamaica. Said war and invaders. Flesh traders and death. Vamp and spook chaos perfect.

Domenico ‘bout South Village write epic. God and Goddess. Heroine midst. He’d taken room on north side. Needn’t I much space. The wind rushes through flush my face. I’m precocious houseguest. The more I wrote woman of the house become love interest. Can’t say what she wanted but planted mine head. Stare out the window at the garden. Can’t say why should I care but for my work and take leave from here. I take up downtown from constant gardener. It is chaotic with drinking meant inspire muse. Out of fog Sabine. Nicaragua. ‘bout South Village infamous. Fights ramp up number she alights. Punches and guns are drawn as rules of duels. Sabine walk as establishment let out. Constables. Phenomena Sabine tear at heart village. The man loves his garden. Constable mean to dig it up but violence keep him from his rounds. Over time truth about they run for what she’s caused now. Place for noir.

Second floor I and mine animal. I Milo chronicle lonely. Sure I’ve tried. I give up. One garden to the other. Strut about strange bird. But well aware good pussy ‘round here. Bide her time ascent. Knocking there. Dressed as dressed, barefoot Goddess. Find his filth humanity is thick. Lo these years fill of it. Consider it miss woman’s touch. She come not remove dust. Some kindness case of mercy is blood. Say open court. Price for it. She come nights weren’t unseemly. Man of need and feeling. She’d keep on long as need be common. Get her firing squad. Consider again Bedlamite is dead. Bled so. Consider again nightmare wake up sweats. Journal with it. Uncertain recall worth so at all. Certain character story told its weight in gold. So bombastic as stubborn. I’m for whimsy that miss me like when last seen.

See Constable and she’s running. Albany. Him military specialty chemical. She drive to Farragut then plane from mainland. Says he hasn’t friends among them they don’t trust him but they go. See Constable she’s running. Well aware naught clothing. Some great danger whisper whimsy erotic mist skin on she is woman. After all is jabberwocky. Cross legged all serious. Touchdown then is driver campus winding road to valley below. Hers tell is crest rain slick high rate herself. He do spell. Flight and there am I where for hours is mine powers discussed. No great shakes but vex wash over complex. So is mine bedlam all sights. Think wicked poke is slender bloke. Imagine said bloke gets hold your heart broke. Yours orbit choice. Is legged she treasure over dosage. I certified liar mine bluster. I am threaten measured lots they are great street maiden. You already know. Mine man been and gone. Vex like warn come down states road both sides the thing. She is open considerate. Blushing them. She fly Edgewater usually evening campus building. Boredom likely story. Little room between. Is walls. Telephone. He talk and them secrets do well resign oneself. Is love spell. The lot demure. What is yours doctor? Lamp lit introspect he hasn’t friends. Is spook among them. Intellect of wordsmith. Utter charms alarm This mist skin on. Dress as dress get her press apart. He know spell. Suffer me but good as feel. It drip though from her all this, little room.

1650 she do revenge. Think the King fall coup do off with their heads. For a time is just Queen Mother at once austere. Talk Marshall Law servant girl as she was. Is heavy hand at rebel as colonialist. Try as she may God’s see fit this. End hostilities (18)65 modern conflict. Flying machine and tank. 20th century. Fall of Czar and Great War. By ’45 Marguerite two centuries dead. Bewitched Colonialist black bird. Said murder of crows warning. Is omen lonely souls. Here’s hoping have and to hold. Allied forces Normandy. Still gone girl and local lore. Hers caravan and seek Nashua Point while the freak out. Stand out humanity. See is grand house. I am aware they’d burn it down. Some grand morale Nashua. I am at her grandess. Her grace as usual treatment. Mine hold is solid gold and worn thin undergarment. Catch her full throat. She oblige as subjects aside. Then by night rider she is posed they find her. She know mine long time. Call on her plush always. Such is love always. Martyrs reason is but a Thursday. Thrash about canopy. Houses ‘round know me. They’re stop or I’ll shoot. Mine man Sekkou he kill two.

Murder Room

Hers driver get on before said all wrong. Look back now. Faster go McDonough County Towers. Driver like world on fire. Pray all’s well. Was border county warring cold spell. So exposed violence. She never mind caprice old fashioned. Upper floor explorer. Murder room. We go but thrice. Twice akin to broke in. What for civilized? Sudden century ne’er do well. Consider gentle giant and course forward further submiss. Mine is stunning hunger vainglory. Strike condescension crooked look warden. Mine hatred shooting war courtyard. All told I am top shotter. Mine combust both of us. Set high one to another straight faced bed chamber. Look back now. Danse Macabre love. I am yours familiar. She know like I know I am shadow. Take note unsteady stumble on me. Will be blood. Nights are endure fort night north shore lothario. Quaint as all that. Creep of them mine latest hatred. Classic dark do socialize show piece know me. They festival Halsted. Macabre. Wash over Grace street as it is section 8. Cocksure crooked hook. Mine groove like fright night. Bide me still. We go but thrice. Twice akin to broke in.

Ever noir like scripted disenchant. Am nothing man. She know like I know. Say hardened men hard ride. Find friendly not so but trees they’re rogue. State road dust up. Multitude girl child though particular am I particular thin skin. Marla. Quick as gone girl. I am Milo through many hours mine lonesome lest mine way raven. Many moon same. None bliss or kiss this noon. Mine Mr. Mention. However theatrics emboldened stone cold. I am taken. Put great why like straightforward she could die. What before she in white. Is young brave play fight. I’m so much point man. High crimes what they are and doings midst vex wash over soul controller. Honorable Fathers take sides. In time she’s easy with mine. Some country dumb. Steady read rain trail window. Wanton salon time and again. Is sloppy spill. Did her in such. Give up the ghost let her tell it I dead her. Hydra pained blue light she die by it. I bide the halls as walls have ears. Turn of century drunken queer. Keep to boutique spell her ground level. Trace her fire escape. Sheer to skin. Secrete oils spoils so

Mine character of constant villain. See her about the market but not so. The Gods’ no patience mob rule take her. Two millennia and fever same. Seventeen century tension wash over archipelago. And mine man Sekkou fine gentleman of the time as loyal. I Royal Wralston Bolivar. Mine infamy so run master killer. Girl is red eye loosed rabid means. Mine swagger matter dress I expose myself. Sentiment runneth over head of the thing.

Find she’s flighty might be expect I’m jack in the box. About self but empty leave us wicked as tame. There will be blood. Suite of rooms courtyard is wall crawlers. Opossum. Is classic darkness. This is love. Appearance sake spread eagle. Then breeze on treacle. Level spell ground level heavy air. Piped despair 1920 firing squad courtyard. Same for debtors awash in blood. Said hung himself. In keeping were there black bird. She tell it High Priestess. Was I cup her. ’19 it was and of a mind what state she was. ’24 they marry us. ’27 one and done. Is ’36 I’m Camelot. Man of all things. Made man is happening. Spit at her like understand. Hers in keeping thrill as looks would… I over do mine day dream you. Figure fulsome lucky pluck. She good tittie fuck. Poise straight up. Sight me right out scrappy. I weren’t bragging. She little bit.

Save You One

You’re Uptown sound. Said I’d save you one. Look as crooked long time. I am yours
Boogie Monster. Crease her easy see worth your life. I say Maker’s wife. Bound over Winter
Witch. I’m killer for it. Mine debut is “stop or I will shoot.” Suffer me, suffer me so rote essentially
rote incubus. It be nice I say Maker’s wife. For the hours mine animal staid and stood. I’m for
precious. Use of mine make good fellow. Love is no love except is rain. When sun up say word.
Mine gun up. Narrative is creeper stalk and darker along. Courtyard firing squad. True believe like
give life. Thick as slugger but she fight. She might accept late hour sentimental stretch of drive.
Salute I have and to hold. I am but ---- years old. It be some evening and all fall down. I am your Boogie Monster. Shark is Anyon. Was I cup her first. Anyon sloppy seconds Kankakee for me do this. Hang on Anyon cannot.


Good use for it sure. Sight right through Cavalier. I am plenty stone. Come down pour doings sudden. Good for it. Strident life like. She abscond me pick at sides. Bide me some like take asylum for certain short timer. Season keeping all fall down. Savage her great wall. Festival Mad Hatter as games go seasons brazen regard. I social animal don’t shout me down. The game’s afoot. Bronzen figure live up to mine image strident life like. See we our pleasures. Mine eyed beast for certain dead her. ’32 nothing’s moving. There drought good will. Hatred constant over Eden. It is dry season. I am slender man figure . Mine animal Grand Tower beast.

I stubborn state support death penalty . Public shame me as games go. Mad Hatter plantation man. She Mississippi River queen. Crystal Beach, Providence. Her parasol for all from garden party then Caribbean Sea. Boat named “Bedlam.” I am him. Sentimentalist pray best fates. Ambassador commemorate United States. Killer and capture of said. She’s dead hedges. Give it for the night. Plush she was I find. She’s been in country short time. While the hours accoutrement grand as all that sweet she drunken blood. Diaspora able body since annex . Baths advantage that. Mine overture hind side like to look away. Den of them is so I say. Such district favor traders so much consider thine neighbor. Maven of established varied use view capitol statuette. Ms. Feather better angel. Season’s be this Eden Jester City. Sentiment is with the wind. Further hard heart is lonely. Hers last words aroma sweet burning leaves.

Come downpour doings sudden. Season all season immodest quell valley burn. October the very contempt. The why and wherefore as is read. High priest. High Priestess. To drink when lonely only prevailing wind. Season is Candyman standard walk about beware. Particular dark about you. Boundless. That do inspire nightmare. There am I creep these nights. I am beast these nights. Behold lonely take hold. I Milo.

Bent as I am master blaster master mine Jester City and doings toward she at night. Winter months and letters love and lesser well worded. Keen me Water Street bard as I am such a man. Detail oasis mine papers hardly novice. Inspired she build it fill it nymph. Coax up night clothes corner her spread eagle. And nights hatred I am game. Mine nirvana. Project through it. At mine neck. Blood on everything.
Is ’28 and way up where is noir. Set on your kink. Take whatever make adoring. This is Grand. Say love is slight of hand. Say out mine lonely colder months. Creature ever more dastardly. After what I’m after set on your kink. I take whatever adoring. ’32 is drought whole world hold out struck one to another bothersome wet dream song lyric. Won’t meet me out recount the dead. Of course you and I were never married. Let her tell. Vex is cruel than usual. Once suggest I’m proper man. Mine swing grand and taunting. Now humble mine self and the rest impromptu. Ringmaster. For a time. Men of privilege friends of mine.

Mine just cause. Misconduct mine beast run keep up girl child. There many dwellings don’t hear you scream. Bide mine denizen number similar point though varied. Fit me killer Pilsen. By and by rainy days you love. Standard morning glory grave yard shift. Salute Quartermaster. Mine mantle Bedlam. Generations further forward horror. Port-Au-Prince. Frighten addled mine humanity. Love not game on me. I should wish. Shame on me. Mantle Bedlam chaos. States vulnerable hatred. Local mention boots on the ground intervention. Weight of the state brought to bear. However I’m none coward. Corpses fortnight Carmel murder room. Plush as she was she done it grand. Further archipelago mantle Bedlam regard martial law in season vex. Storm warn October. Many dead debris flow valley overcome. ’28 university upset broken windows glass. I’m class of it. In dream to start. Fear I go there years on more so I am alone. Alert gone girl; Of fire and catamount street side nightmare. Mine bedlam spread archipelago. Ravenswood neighborhood. Season vex. The God’s abhor mob violence. Get fast car and behind Gendarme. Her Girl Friday drive where I’d before said mine boredom both of them. But get me out of the country. They shoot streetlight I am reason for draw. Said rabbit hole solid gold vintage this side Irving Park. Kitty she bird of prey. She’s in the valley’s burning./---- birds they are they spar open. That she drive faster car draw down. Brandish Kitty for me. Get me out of the country. Steady rain accelerate the day on, melancholy.

Further Girl Friday valley wide they bide me. Establish order legged bird university. Such that she’d have it. New blood. It be until drew blood. Better do than Ruby who she, slight. Band of nymph. Do well associate she showcase of late. Is season agitate Summer Club culminate bonfire seaside high mind. Summer dresses flirty girly girl. Her is worldly girl. Dakin street. She best taste. Blighter make her like her. Might be they’re frightened. Mean time flight of fancy. Manor and shrine. This Providence. Band of nymph east coast coul controllers. Leave it to me be spoil her. Fattest them. Naught below thread. Regard mother with it. Swear child bearing.

Season’s vex and collapse on it. By the God’s let them tell it. Shoot at movement. Fortune hunter fortified likely girl child. Wretched wander scavenger aftermath. Don’t stop him you shot him. Clap him thunder. Shadowman.

She bide me quote number one. So many stones high. I cajole her courtyard temper. They’re baby faced, games what they are. Great wall of course blindfold. I’m in the house. She see me in hallows think I’m haunting. Think winter games. Express these nights strike her right angle. See me pusher and she focus full go. Long on me monstrosity full throat. Over wrought nostalgia think high card. Yours pang greater than else say so. Yours bed direct sudden matter of factor. They know garden wall climber poison ivy. Old as these doings Camelot. Mine business engross hers worldwide. Snug of all things naturally copious dopamine. Archetype is fat about thighs legged beast. Wish it submiss.

Is classic dark days Franco. Still ways Water Street. Fast boat Patagonia. Villa vineyard tree lined streets. Old money and used to be see Capitol city lights gamble establishment. High end bird complement. Franco not so controversy as founding fathers life cycle wrought ever present bogeyman. Suggest I protest too much. Lonely begat. I’m cast on upper crust. They’d not have mine lusting. Such happenstance is future hang himself. Is 1940’s anew shooting war. High seas fleet Grand Island. Axis powers kamikaze. Bloody something. Engage sabotage abroad. Espionage Bavaria. Some ripper Shadow man macabre missive. Casualty is war and find her among destruct and rubble. Long dead. Up in arms villager shoot pervert.
Is ’45 and the states austere their inequities. People of color like refugee. Hatred make for Providence see like King and Queen. Trend exodus. Strange times. A girl and her Persians. Vestibule. I further concern her. Night crawler Bradley Place. She don’t cry out high floor. Smell of wretch over Halsted street. Yours boogiemonster. Lippy creature screech her disdain lonely only know the like. Bide mine creep. Lie in waiting single bed rooms. Cause me this. The black and the blue light. Maintain she prim. Mad hat expectant witching hour meant all charm. Yours meanwhile ready tell it right.

Classic dark junior girl child. She see mine flush. Abundance live up to. Think metropolitan. I could grind still thrill killer. Weaponize hatred nuclear states fall out great space. Stiff chin old boy. Game is war. U-boats and ships. Counter measure. Mushroom self destruct. We treaty West Indies. Franco prosper Providence. Tastemaker sure. Trade, lumber. Precious gems. Tourism. Amusement. Vexed over mythic creature long dead. I’m in your head. I’m not creep though leave me think so. Some ever after darkness 1950. I Milo or incarnate like condition. As change of times. Suppose old bones know love in spite there’re vampire. Beast in trees. Siren sweetly hers song in wanting. Start with war Antilles. Forces Port Royal. The God’s fear colonial raiders great hatred. Disturb nest of them. At odds Grand Islands possessors. Anglo for a time. Hand over Franco nineteenth century anniversary Queen Marguerite. Diplomatic and all that. Unable claim mainland done with them. Migrant crisis interim. Years of night should they unite center city. Banton affair five hundred years. Franco set free mania. Accord spread good will across. They’re in the houses said Eden. Them legged thoroughbred. Trail thine grit all of it. More than smile through it. Necessary wary never mention polite company. Couple up none respecting would Right out I’m none good. I’m but best intent. Yours boogiemonster best evidence. Twisted stricture get so mine barb sure as posture. I am just now her pet.

Is 1928 and Top of The Town. Said underground like under the stairs. He with three say set one with me. Long time come toiling. None spoils. Drink and drink. To page with it. Mine love away with it. I wanted iguanas. Messenger: further austere. Think reaper. Town square Albemarle further bottom feeder dance mine grave. I’m made man. Once I next level and jealous alike fine women. Suppose tip the wine and see mine way. Townie bird she tell it. University turn her. Top of The Town ground central hatred. Special suppose the campus, mining conflict diamond. The valley’s burning. Wages make protest alight Devil’s Night. Wound up Top of The Town. Smoke Ravenswood Neighborhood. Ginned up underground. Upper level disconnect.

She’s at me mine request. To said man mine suggest bandied about likewise further his three of them. She fit child bearing. What turn of brood. Primitive all manner. Well intended. Well woman. Confidant an age I page through. Classic darkness progress noir. As spoils paranoid upper room. Same present his honor. Dressed as dressed as chamber maid. Have at limbs and betwixt. Every which way girl child. Done all wrong. Physical malaise longer goeth don’t see your face. Classic darkness introduct sinister as constant. Catch trail hers but for black bird. Fraternal.

Knight square up king. Think she pick sides. Spoils close quarter. Sort warrior dole. I am fat. Is women and wine aggress that. Times are comrade open spar revolution. Consider force cast she borders. Lithe as she was. Scorch earth consume her grasping whole hand think she pick sides. Much as turn her back the light. She pose the hours I am in the house. Suspect none gentile but welcome. Incarnate she was twenty one. Bide me for a time. Think me sponsor otherwise am I handy with broadsword. Since begin outsource killer go around with scoundrel. She’d have done anything keep him except treat him well. Sylvester. The king’s men are when they are holding masculine. Fast boat Patagonia. Rum doeth red blood. I am faster blade. Hire out hired gun. Letters portend wanton woman. This with the murder since with the shoulders. Blush. Fast boat Patagonia. Bide me for a time am I handy broad sword. Should’ve dead her then Ms. Feather. Since begin outsource killer. Go around with scoundrel. Let her tell it bait Isolde. Hatred associate Ms. Feather. Moulton as much said so try as could bed her. Fast boat Patagonia. Isolde she dancer room to room within walls corpse in number; Who not proper attend him out ready comfortable stroll. Some terror sudden blood wine, fear of her life. Generation gone since colony one to another. Before accord Montrose, patrol waters. The Crown. His people enslave. And do copulate. Moulton get her swing shards. Throaty growl hers latest hatred. Piss herself. She’d not bide him but size up him styless. Divine times.

Capitol city intriguing. Chambers legislators by day. The avenues treacherous plenty. Blackened walls and hunters, days numbered escape. Fattened slaver’s proceeds Patagonia. Keepers grand house at times couple upper rooms. Still she fighting, bloody covered. Strike one shard. But for old bones. Say for keeps like entangled Siobahn entombed regard rival property. The walls have eyes. Scourge further life blood native population. Patagonia. Siobahn gate keeper mass grave Estate Moulton coastal. She’d met her end. Ambition did her, subsequent same fate. Isolde is bait. Partner privaterr. Turn of the century 19th look elsewhere. Patagonia as its been great betrayal. Lurking Sylvester should his blade puncture the navel. Instead behead him Ms. Feather. Isolde neck broken. Sylvester same he stand in her way. She’d get hers in time.

Rise in vice ‘20’s prohibition flow Caribbean rum. Quick make vixen. Winter make for Crystal Beach. Aero port Marguerite and tows between east and west. Perhaps Mondragon cliffs west. Nymph in the north circuit amongst woods people. Hot bed sacred. Vex has past and spectrum skin colored people. Kingdom. Just short World War I. Rum is fountain most tavern. Said as much advertisement. Regarded state of free slaves. Though unified United States.

Don’t look at me. I’m hungry. There’s wolf in the city. Sweet on soft triangle outline. Since first taste ridiculed I would consume anyone. Left mine palate consistence hominy. She says, “I beg your pardon? Do you know what you’ve done? Fear most I’ve become. There’s wolf in the city. Look up from a place is action. Said space, he cannot save you. Eyes say she’s right place. She digs lone wolf. I’d hint her fingertips then full on mine hands. See we fortune far as congress, hardly bar the door. Well time for it regard citadel. And spaces yours willing this. Upper quarters speak explicit. Many a fortnight I’d delved deepest. Yet left disgust. She fear vessel not sweet as thought. Free falling so educate great northern cruelty in peace time. She die some and pride goeth suicide. Classic darkness matters close quarters or look over bed of roses marker corpse some tough love. Mine soul controller. Once she standing doorway see him out. Discover old photo like she look same way. Kind of grace afford give it away. Glass of wine is story time like back when Matron suspect.

Pavlov condition her dress if I could sweat her mine breath mighty wind lift spirits there. As if she’d taken mine voracity her own. Thrill to no end. To have his hold there. Discretion is lesser third matter consequence. Throaty laughter aftermath.
Echo that you could love me. All else is lucky. When first regard fools gold. I’ve loved you since what could been. Yours bosom via throat. Something for you and surely you’d take it. Churlish wench. In mine mind previously thinking, “Imagine it were she of all consort around make gracious host.” But hers craggy teeth and hers large ass make me think twice. While I like an abundant ass as any fellow she is contemptible. A large ass fitting description. Now feeling of doing her favor as one with needs surely you’d take it. Do away with your glasses better your chances. Wicked laughter echoing for some time after. Then clearing of throat. “Quite.”

I fought off Garth. Few punches thrown if any landed. Come up short while I prove as elusive. She watches what matter of men swing at tree limbs. A tree grows wild from concrete. Take large space on a path with fence keep from falling off of bridge. Went on back there. She’s French kisser heads pointed 2:00 and 7:00. We go right into it with fists flying. Wind stir up limbs. She mine love summer start but for Garth.

Complex mine needs dealing with those same complex. Smell on me heady revelry. Curve like turns at break neck around the bend. Femme Fatale sweet song wash over in waves. Speak love if even to say the time of day. You and I are meant to be. Thought that fills my mind. If you believe in destiny wait for the right time. Stretched across the great divide the link that binds us. Finding passion beyond our usual extremes. Ecstasy lined walls. Hearing yours ‘cross expanse find me palm of yours hand. If answered prayers be indication the God’s provide the means. What a love to speak of together annum. Is the wine keep humble. Utter mine sin into hers shoulder blades. Mine prayers tips of them. Love in the shape of wedge. Acerbic taste. Right down to it. Approach it like plum. Little press offer up its ----. Nestled limb spread wings form horizon.

Don’t look so Rochelle. Want him gone Rochelle. Yours black heart. Yours winter spell. You covet him and covet his death. You may not have him for covet you kill him. Subject him hiding the black. There none etiquette fools. The mood that chain reaction like speaking in tongues. Move body maximum. Memories sort of haze. December depression back light old bulb. Simple dress little pattern or style. She trail her grit cross mine. She long time show piece. Groomed her Cuba betrothed; is Duchess territory sight the capitol. She grip on me thick. This winter do me this. I Milo. Take to page. Tale of an idiot. Thirst for it I advantage mine. I am entitlement. Maiden plain spoken. She’d marry a poet. The violence quench her evident. Sex is violent. Bear it for I fulsome. Turn about wasn’t some sudden build up walls. Leave me wholly spill over silks. Lippy thing, what crack her prudence fortnight. I’m just the villain. Books detail nights as lightning. Think Babylon. Red wine and master bed. Spread eagle dire melancholy. Threadbare wear and candle bedside table. Pull at folds. Mirror besides. Mania. Pleasant scent evident when the rains come and there is dew on the petals. Spores pick up winds.
Love is grand then unceremonious sever all signs is excise you merry woman. O’er minor figure. I mine yours underground. Bowel of the thing. She’ll take and break it. What have you then? Just say so she do it again. She’ll take hold and put it in. Pull the car over Sheridan. This isn’t about you or one your position. She ready flood elements embed sugar walls. Look into beat felicity. She lie side ways. Her head shelved by her palms. Swords of skin and bone mahogany sticks. Much like katydid. Long and slender betwixt. Them the horizon a white line of fine see him swimming a well she’d not give him access. A quickening made so hunger.

Love is plaintive first come first serve. To be sure best yours money’s worth. Get yours mind right yours feelings hurt. You can’t tell me nothing. Say ringing in your ears. There’s ringing drowns angel singing. Love wanted circumstance withstanding. But love is plaintive and the abject wear heart on their sleeve. Classic darkness through and there be sides to this as sides pomp. Firework. Loud music. Good on you for once. He’s proper suitor or hang himself dogs barking. Haunting. Left in courtyard warning. Misbehavior. Great day I’ve got mine. Tried it your way lonely only spoken. Regard second son. Sin’s of the father cross sides. I’d have her. Foreshadow latter day rain. Particular better angels. Look see trick and all. Is great space. Get over drunken scape so much debate weight mine words. I left it many months. Staid she must waste not space her many months. Fits and fits. Supposed she’d have it. Fist full sure and come after. Friend should benefit. Where there is smoke. Draw nigh I am wise man. Live long day. She is agent of them travelers loosely organized coastal birds.

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Ring Ceremony

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Pride and Joy

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